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The 19 Best Weekend Deals on Tech, Home Gear, and More

Maybe it's due to sheltering in place these past several months, or maybe it's because of the relentless heat beginning to pass through most of the US, but it seems the days are blurring together more than ever. If weekends don't feel like weekends anymore, perhaps a change of perspective is in order. We found discounts all over the web to help you switch things up in your kitchen, your closet, your hiking bag, and more.

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Tech Deals

Home and Outdoor Deals

Miscellaneous Deals

  • PDX Maker Sale: Up to 25 Percent off: Several Portland-based brands have gathered together to offer up to 25 percent off various goods. Use code PDXMAKER to save on brands like Rumpl, Snow Peak, Stumptown Coffee, Grovemade, Roasters, and more.

  • Puma Semi-Annual Sale: We haven't written much about Puma here at WIRED, but a few of our writers like its products. I, Louryn, use a Puma duffel bag like this one (on sale for $10 off) to tote around my skates and respective gear. There's a ton to choose from in this sale, like running shoes, leggings, and hats, and expedited shipping is only $8.

  • GameStop Funko Pop! Figure Sale: GameStop is offering five Funko Pop! figurines for $40, four for $36, or three for $30. Usually they sell for $12 a pop, so if you've got a Funko obsession, check out the nearly 1,000 options to see if anything catches your eye.

  • Hotel Piped Trim Robe for $87 ($22 off): This is one of WIRED writer Medea Giordano's top picks for Tony Soprano robe look-alikes. It's soft, easy to care for, and will turn "working from home in your pajamas" to "lounging in luxury" real quick—especially if you pay to get your initials monogrammed on the front.

  • Unbound Babes Palma for $99 ($29 off): While Palma isn't included in our list of the best sex tech yet, it's similar to the Crave Vesper Vibrator (another favorite) in that Palma is designed to be flaunted, not hidden. The statement ring makes for trendy jewelry, but it's also a powerful three-speed vibrator that features two customizable modes and a luxe charging display case. Wearing it is half the fun.

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