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The 5 Best Portable Espresso Makers for a Shot on the Go

I take my espresso seriously. I put myself through college making espresso for others, and I even married my favorite barista. It's been a while now since either my wife or I had access to the kind of expensive Italian-made espresso machines you find in nice coffee shops, but thanks to the world of portable espresso makers, I've figured out how to make the perfect espresso no matter where I go.

WIRED has looked at some of the best latte and cappuccino machines, best portable coffee makers, and best cold brew makers, but we wanted to share some ways to make great espresso on the road or at the campsite. Making a barista-worthy espresso is challenging. Doing it without electricity or a giant machine is even more daunting. 

Updated August 2021: We've changed our top pick to Wacaco's new Picopresso.

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