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The Absolute Best Cyber Monday Deals Online

Our final update: Cyber Monday has ended. If you're sale hunting, we've collected the best Cyber Monday deals still available (as of December 1). As always, we hope we helped you sift through the sales madness and find great products. Check our Holiday Buying Guides for the latest recommendations.

Black Friday may be over, but Cyber Monday is here. As if multiday shopping events weren’t confusing enough, some Black Friday deals have been extended, some Cyber Monday deals are new, and some discounts have expired entirely.

Since you're being responsible and shopping from home, you might find yourself doing a lot more research. WIRED's Gear team has tested hundreds of products across nearly every category, and we’ve been hunting all weekend long for truly impressive deals on the gadgets and gizmos we think are worthwhile. Keep this page bookmarked. We'll update it regularly as prices change, as products go out of stock, and as we find more awesome discounts.

Note: We strike through items that sell out or are no longer at their deal price as of publishing. Discounts sometimes return, so check for yourself.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off). This includes unlimited access to WIRED.com and our print magazine (if you'd like). Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Updated November 30: We've updated pricing and availability, struck sold-out deals, and replaced them with new retailers.

WIRED's Cyber Monday Coverage

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Mattress Deals

Check out our full list of Cyber Monday Mattress Deals here.

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress for $1,649 ($200 off)

Helix (enter CYBERMONDAY200 at checkout)

This is our favorite mattress. It's comfortable and cushioning, and it won't make you feel like you're sinking too much. If you order a size smaller than queen, use the code CYBERMONDAY150 for $150 off orders of $1,250 or more, or use CYBERMONDAY100 for a discount on a $600 order. It comes with two free pillows.

Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress for $484 ($161 off)

Allswell (enter TURKEY25 at checkout)

Allswell (made by Walmart) has nice mattresses for the price. The Luxe is similar to the Standard Hybrid (which is not currently on sale, but still only $375), with three extra layers of foam and a plusher top cover. Both are hybrids with a full bed of individually wrapped springs inside to prevent motion transfer. We've also tried and loved the Supreme, which is on sale for around $750. It offers a plushness you usually don’t find until you hit the $1,200 mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Signature Hybrid for $699 ($300 off)

Brooklyn Bedding, Amazon ($749)

This is a great option if you like a firm mattress. WIRED Reviews Editor Jeffrey Van Camp slept on the firmest option and said he’d go for a medium next time because it can feel too firm. But he never experienced any sagging, and it has held up well for several years.

Couch Deals

Many of our favorite couches are on sale! You can order these picks online and they'll come in a box straight to your door (some assembly might be required). For more information about the couches, read our guide.

Allform 3-Seat Sofa for $1,595 ($399 off)


The Allform hails from Helix, the makers of our favorite mattress (above). You can customize it up to eight cushions long, or even change the shape (like an L or U). The wood used in the couch is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and any excess wood is recycled. The steel components are at least 95 percent recycled, and the seat cushion padding is 100 percent recycled (so is the packaging too, which is also recyclable). More importantly, it's comfy! They've stayed fluffy in our testing, and the "Performance Fabric" we tested is indeed stain-resistant.

Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional for $1,495 ($200 off)

Burrow (Enter DOUBLE at Checkout)

This is a sectional sofa that's also fairly customizable. It comes in a few large boxes, and it's dead simple and quick to put together. After months of testing, the cushions have remained plush. You might need to push the cushions back in now and then, but otherwise, this sofa is spacious enough for three, and it doesn't take up a ton of room, making it excellent for smaller spaces.

Sonos Deals

Sonos makes some of our favorite speakers, and the company currently has several on sale for Cyber Monday. We've rounded up more Sonos deals here.

★ Top Pick—Sonos One (Gen 2) for $149 ($50 off)

Sonos Store, Amazon

This is the best smart Sonos speaker in our guide. It's not huge, so it's easy to hide, and yet it can fill most rooms with delightful-sounding tunes. It can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant too, allowing you to control other smart home devices or ask it for simple updates on things like the weather.

Sonos Move for $299 ($100 off)

Sonos Store, Best Buy

The Sonos Move is one of our favorite Bluetooth smart speakers, as well as one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers. Deals on Sonos products are very rare, and this is the cheapest price we've ever seen this speaker at.

Sonos Beam for $299 ($100 off)

Sonos Store, Best Buy

This soundbar sounds fantastic and supports Alexa and Google Assistant (and AirPlay 2). You can add this to your TV for greatly-improved sound over those built-in ones, or pair it with two other Sonos speakers and the Sonos Sub (below) for surround sound.

Sonos Sub for $599 ($100 off)

Sonos Store, Amazon

A subwoofer will make a profound difference in how movies, music, and just about anything sounds coming out of your TV. Pair the Sub with any of Sonos other speakers and bask in the glory of a (wireless) surround system.

Headphone and Speaker Deals

Read all our Cyber Monday Headphone and Speaker picks.

★ Best Headphones—Sony WH-1000XM4 for $278 ($72 off)

Amazon, Target ($280), Walmart, Best Buy, B&H

The WH-1000XM4 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are our favorite wireless headphones and our favorite noise-canceling headphones. They sound great, they feel great, and they look great. The battery will last you all day, and the touch controls are a nice addition.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Earbuds for $169 ($60 off)

Walmart ($165), Best Buy, B&H

We especially love these earbuds for traveling (9/10, WIRED Review). Even though folks are staying home right now, these buds are still a solid pick. They feature adaptive active noise canceling, which adjusts the volume of external noise according to your current activity. Note that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get good earbuds; check out our Best Headphones Under $100 guide!

★ Best for iPhone—Apple AirPods Pro for $200 ($50 off)

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy ($210), B&H

The AirPods Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends) have been on sale a lot lately, and they did get down to $160 on Black Friday, but this is still a very good price for them. They have active noise canceling and impressive sound, and the silicone ear tips keep them comfortable and secure.

Beats Powerbeats Pro for $160 ($90 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This deal is only for specific colors, but the Powerbeats Pro are some of our favorite workout earbuds (even if they go on sale relatively often).

★ Best Earbuds—1More ColorBuds for $70 ($30 off)

Amazon, 1More ($80)

These are the top choice in our Best Wireless Earbuds guide and our Best Cheap Headphones guide. We highly recommend them, especially if you're on a budget. The deal is available on Amazon only for Prime members.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Earbuds for $130 ($40 off)

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy

Affectionately dubbed "the Beans," these futuristic earbuds (7/10, WIRED Review) look as good as they sound. They also don't fall in price too often.

★ Best Bluetooth Speaker—Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 for $100 ($39 off)

Target, Best Buy, Amazon ($125)

Our top pick among the best bluetooth speakers, this colorful, portable party can hang anywhere. It's waterproof and has enough battery life to last through the night.

JBL Clip 3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker for $30 ($40 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy, JBL

The Clip 3 is another great option for portable sound. I, Louryn, use it to play music while rollerskating, so I can still hear cars over the music. The built-in carabiner makes it easy to hang the speaker from a fanny pack. (Or a curtain rod, if you like accompaniment when you sing in the shower. Don't ask how I know this.)

Fitness and Outdoors Deals

We have even more picks for the best Cyber Monday fitness and outdoors deals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for $180 ($70 off)

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, B&H

This affordable smartwatch can (mostly) do it all, especially if you're not using iOS. Track fitness stats, check notifications by glancing at your wrist, and enjoy the rarity that is multiday battery life for less than $200.

Theragun Elite Percussive Muscle Therapy Device for $299 ($100 off)

Theragun Store

All Theragun devices are discounted right now, and we liked all of them in our testing, but the Elite was our favorite. It's the quietest, comes with five attachment heads, and uses 40 pounds of pressure to sooth sore muscles.

Fitbit Charge 4 for $100 ($50 off)

Amazon, Fitbit

This simple, straightforward tracker is more of a true fitness wearable and less of a multipurpose smartwatch. You can upgrade its features if you choose to pay $80 a year for Fitbit Premium, but the service isn't necessary if you don't need bells and whistles. Check out our Fitness Tracker Buying Guide for more good picks. Amazon is currently backordered into January.

Garmin Instinct for $150 ($150 off)


This fitness tracker isn't for everyone. If you need a simple, rugged watch for hiking, mountain biking, or trail running but don't need a big, battery-eating screen, the Instinct is probably a great pick for you.

Icebreaker Merino Siren Sweetheart Top for $56 ($24 off)


Icebreaker base layers are one of our favorite ways to keep warm. Corespun merino wool wicks away moisture while providing insulating warmth. WIRED senior writer Adrienne So rotates these in different colors throughout the winter. The neckline is also quite flattering for Zoom calls and lounging in the living room.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket for $139 ($60 off)


This compact and lightweight synthetic jacket will keep you warm without weighing you down. The men's version is on sale for the same price.

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cube Set for $22 ($17 off)

Amazon, Eagle Creek ($24)

These packing cubes are awesome. We recommend them in our pandemic road trip guide, and several of us here at WIRED use them. We aren’t traveling right now, but for future trips, these cubes will come in handy. I (Louryn) have a tendency to drastically overpack; these compressive cubes satisfy my irrational need to overstuff my suitcase.

Sea to Summit Lite Line Clothesline for $10 ($3 off)

Sea to Summit

This handy reusable clothesline made our Best Gifts Under $25 list. All of the brand's stocking stuffers are 25 percent off.

Peak Design Messenger Bag for $120 ($30 off)

Amazon, Peak Design

Peak Design makes some of our favorite bags, and the Everyday Sling is a top pick in our Best Messenger Bags guide. Despite its roominess, it keeps a slim profile. All of the Everyday Bags are discounted.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter for $12 ($8 off)


These handy water filters are good to have in your hiking pack or bug-out bag. They filter impurities out of up to 1,000 gallons of water, and the company claims that you could slurp out of a puddle safely. They’re also good for packing light, since they aren’t as bulky as other filtration methods.

TreadBands Sweatbands for $10 ($8+ off)

TreadBands (Enter CYBER20 at Checkout)

TreadBands are reviewer and outdoor connoisseur Parker Hall’s favorite sweatband. They work well and come in fun patterns, and they’d make a good gift for your favorite running enthusiast.

Snow Peak Cyber Monday Sale for 15 percent off

Snow Peak (Enter TAKE15 at Checkout)

Snow Peak makes really good gear. We especially like the Low Action Table, which made our Backyard Camping roundup, and the Pack-and-Carry Fireplace, which got its own special rave. Both products (and all of Snow Peak’s lineup) are 15 percent off with code TAKE15.

Phone, Tablet, and Gadget Deals

Check out the rest of our Cyber Monday Phone, Tablet, and Smartwatch picks.

Google Pixel 5 for $650 ($50 off)

Amazon, Best Buy (Choose Unlocked)

If you require a phone with a great camera, the Pixel 5 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a fantastic option. You can get another $200 off if you activate it on Verizon or Google Fi, but note that the savings come in the form of monthly bill credits.

★ Affordable alternative: We also really like the Google Pixel 4A ($350), which is our favorite Android phone right now, and still more affordable than most of these devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition for $550 ($150 off)

Amazon, Best Buy (Choose Unlocked), Samsung ($650)

This is a runner-up in our Best Android Phones guide. It's fast, the battery life is good, and the cameras are versatile—all for much less money than you'd pay for the Galaxy S20. If you want to go all-out on the slightly better version of this phone, you can get the S20 for $750 ($250 off) instead.

Moto G Stylus for $200 ($100 off)

Amazon, Best Buy (Choose Unlocked, Motorola Store

The Moto G Stylus is usually too expensive for what you get, but this deal makes the phone worthwhile. While not mind-blowing, the performance is all right. Just keep in mind that the cameras struggle in low light and the phone's lackluster palm-rejection tech makes the included stylus not very useful.

If you want to spend as little as possible, you might want to check out the Moto G Power for $175 ($75 off) or the Moto G Fast for $145 ($55 off). Read our Moto G Power and Moto G Fast reviews for more.

Amazon Fire 10-Inch Tablets ($40-$70 off)

Amazon Fire HD 10 for $80 ($70 off)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition for $130 ($70 off)

Amazon's Fire tablets are cheap and fine. They're good for kids who don't need speedy performance, or for binge-watching The Expanse on Prime Video before bed. These tablets don't have Google Play, so they're lacking some options that other Android devices have. The Kids Edition comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee—if it breaks when your child chucks it out the window in a rainstorm or decides to use it as a Frisbee, you're covered.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for $250 ($100 off)

Target, Best Buy, B&H

The Tab S6 Lite is on the slow side in terms of performance. If you're using it for lightweight tasks, like reading or watching movies, it's completely fine. It's a great alternative to Amazon's Fire tablets for those who want full Google Play Store access.

★ Best for iPhone—Apple Watch Series 6 for $329 ($70 off)

Best Buy, Amazon ($350), Walmart, Target $350)

The Apple Watch Series 6 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the newest and best wearable for iPhone users. If you don't need the latest features but are looking to upgrade your older model, the Apple Watch SE is also on sale at $20 off. Read our Apple Watches guide to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for $339 ($60 off)

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy

We're still in the process of reviewing this gadget, but WIRED's Julian Chokkattu says it's a great option for folks who don't use iPhones. Some of its features work only with a Samsung phone, but the rotating bezel and long battery life are pluses no matter which Android phone you're using.

Kindle for $60 ($30 off)

Best Buy, Amazon

The 2019 Kindle (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great e-reader, especially since Amazon added a backlight to its 6-inch screen. We wish it had USB-C charging instead of MicroUSB, but we still like it. Check out our Kindle Buying Guide for more information on the various models.

Kindle Paperwhite for $85 ($45 off)

Amazon, Best Buy

Take the 2019 Kindle, add water resistance and a better screen resolution, and you have the Kindle Paperwhite. It isn't the cheapest option, but if you like to read in the tub or by the pool, you might want to opt for it. The luxury Kindle Oasis is also on sale for $200 ($80 off). It doesn't add much over the Paperwhite, but you get page-turn buttons and a square shape.

Insta360 One R Twin Edition Camera for $407 ($73 off)

Amazon, Best Buy, B&H

The One R (8/10, WIRED Recommends) combines the best of action and 360-degree cameras into one neat hybrid package. You can swap between lenses to shoot wide-angle in 4K at 60 frames per second or in 360 degrees for a striking visual effect.

TV and Entertainment Deals

Check out the rest of our Cyber Monday TV and Soundbar picks.

★ Best for Streaming—Roku Streaming Stick+ for $30 ($20 off)

Amazon, Target, Best Buy

This is our favorite streaming device. It plugs into the HDMI port on the back of your TV. The interface is easy to use, as is the voice remote, and it has the best app support of any platform. Read our Roku guide for more.

Roku Ultra for $70 ($30 off)

Amazon, Best Buy, Target

If you want the highest possible picture quality, and you're willing to deal with a slightly larger package, get the Roku Ultra. It's got a built-in Ethernet port for faster streaming, and even has a little button you can click to help you find the remote in a forgetful pinch. It comes with headphones that plug into said clicker, so you can easily listen while your kids enjoy quarantined nap time.

LG CX OLED TV for $1,350 ($450 off)

Best Buy ($1400), Amazon, Target

This LG TV (8/10, WIRED Recommends) may be gorgeous, but that isn't the only reason we like it. The high refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync support work in conjunction to keep things looking good, even if you're using this big screen as a computer monitor for PC gaming. It can also handle 4K resolution at 120 frames per second for the latest consoles. The TV has been going in and out of stock, and we aren't sure whether it will be available again.

Samsung Q60T 50-Inch 4K TV for $498 ($152 off)

Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon (43-Inch for $428)

This TV is a bit smaller than our other picks, but it's good if you're looking for a second set or are working with limited space.

Vizio Soundbar Deals, From Basic to Atmos

You really do need a soundbar, because all TV speakers sound terrible. We've lined up three good options here. All three have subwoofers, which we recommend, and they escalate in sound quality and features. Dolby Atmos sound is about as good as you can get.

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar for $180 ($40 off)

Amazon, Best Buy

Yamaha's Alexa-enabled soundbars are some of the easiest to use, and they've also got some of the best fidelity you'll find. Put this little bar in a small or medium-sized room, and it will transform your TV and music listening experience, and you can even ask it to set a timer when you're steeping tea or baking mid-movie cookies.

Pandemic Gear Deals

It's good fun to score great deals, but it's even better when they'll help protect you from a global pandemic. Here are a few items you might want to consider as you continue to take precautions and practice social distancing. We have more Cyber Monday deals on Covid-19 supplies and masks here.

Olika Hand Sanitizer Spray for $34 ($8 off)

Amazon (Click the Coupon Button)

If you don't want to make your own hand sanitizer, and you're tired of vodka-scented mass-produced sanitizer, this deal might be up your alley.

Society6 Face Masks for $12 ($4 off)


WIRED managing digital producer Kim Chua loves these face masks. (Here are more of our favorite masks.) They come in several eye-catching designs, and they're not too expensive.

Baggu Face Mask 3-Pack for $24 ($8 off)

Baggu (Discount at Checkout), Amazon ($26, $6 off)

These are on our Best Face Masks list. When a WIRED staffer's relative was sick with Covid-19, she found them comfortable enough to sleep in. We prefer the ear loop style to the tie-back style. Baggu makes awesome reusable bags, too (a sustainable alternative to plastic), which are a part of the sitewide Cyber Weekend sale.

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer for $24 ($20 off)

Amazon (Click the Coupon Button)

This thermometer usually costs between $30 and $50. It uses infrared to read body temperature in just one second, so you won't have to deal with probing under a sick kid's tongue.

Laptop Deals

Check out our other Cyber Monday Laptop and Tablet picks.

Surface Pro 7 With Type Cover for $800 ($100 off)

Microsoft Store

Specs: Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD

The Surface Pro 7 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) isn't the cheapest Surface, but this is one of the best prices we've seen on the laptop-tablet hybrid. You'll get a keyboard and sleeve too. You might want to get a Surface Pen if you plan on drawing or taking notes in tablet mode.

★ Top Pick—MacBook Air (2020) for $900 ($100 off)


Specs: Apple's new M1 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

The brand new MacBook Air (9/10, WIRED Recommands) is already on sale. It features Apple's custom-designed M1 chip, which delivers great performance, even running apps meant for Intel-based Macs. The battery life is also outstanding, easily lasting more than a full workday.

Surface Laptop 3 for $1,000 ($300 off)

Microsoft Store

Specs: Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

The Surface Laptop is a premium piece of Windows hardware (7/10, WIRED Review). The all-aluminum construction makes for a lightweight machine, and the 3:2-ratio screen is wider than normal, giving you extra room for working on documents side by side. We tested the 15-inch model, and this sale is for the 13-inch, but aside from size they're very similar. Be sure to check every color—there are better deals on some colors than others.

Dell XPS 15 (2019) for $1,549 ($350 off)

Dell Store

Specs: Intel Core i7 CPU, GeForce GPU, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD

The 15-inch XPS isn't as svelte and portable as the 13-inch, but along with the larger, heavier form factor comes a discrete video card (Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1650, 4GB) and 32-gigabytes of RAM. The 2020 XPS 15 impressed me (8/10, WIRED Recommends), but that was with the 4K screen. I have not tested the 1080p screen found in this deal. There's also a cheaper version available with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage for $1,349.

MacBook Pro 13-Inch for $1,399 ($100 off)

Amazon, B&H

Specs: Apple's new M1 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD

This brand-new MacBook Pro isn't heavily discounted, but you can save a little money. It features Apple's latest M1 chip, which is significantly more powerful than previous Intel-powered Macs.

Dell G5 15-inch for $850 ($200 off)

Best Buy

Specs: AMD Ryzen 7, Radeon RX 5600M GPU, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD

This bargain gaming rig pairs one of AMD's fastest chips with the Radeon RX 5600 graphics card. Combine that with the 15-inch screen, which has a 144 Hz refresh rate, and you should be good to go with even the most graphically-demanding games. Dell also has the same machine, but with an Intel chip and Nvidia graphics on sale for $900 ($140 off).

Asus Chromebook Flip C434 for $479 ($91 off)


Specs: Intel Core M3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD

This is our favorite Chromebook. It strikes a good balance between price, power, and features. The 2-in-1 design allows for a tablet mode when you're watching movies (or using Android apps), but you can simply stick to the traditional laptop mode too. The screen is sharp compared with other Chromebooks, and the battery lasts all day.

HP Envy 13T 13-inch for $580 ($220 off)

HP Store

Specs: Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

The 13-inch Envy, paired in this config with an 11th-generation Intel i5 processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM, is one of WIRED laptop reviewer Scott Gilbertson's favorite mid-range laptops. It's a no-frills machine, but it will handle typical tasks like browsing the web, editing documents, and even editing photos.

★ Luxury Chromebook—Samsung 13-Inch Galaxy Chromebook for $799 ($200 off)

Samsung Store, Best Buy

Specs: Intel Core i5 10th Gen. CPU, 8 GB RAM, 4K Touch Display, 256 GB SSD

There aren't a lot of you out there who are excited to spend north of $500 on a Chromebook, but if you do want the best experience Chrome has to offer, this Samsung model is it (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It's just a little over 2 lbs, only 10 mm thick, and has a gorgeous 4K AMOLED touchscreen that can bend over backward onto itself like a Lenovo Yoga laptop. Perks include a built-in stylus and fingerprint sensor, and the specs are impressive for any laptop. It made our list of Best Chromebooks.

Camera Deals

Check out our Cyber Monday camera deals for more picks.

★ Our Top Pick—Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II for $500 ($130 off)

Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo

The best compact camera is on sale. The G7 X captures detailed images thanks to a big 1-inch sensor, and it features optical image stabilization and 4.2x optical zoom. If you want to step up from your phone camera, the G7 X has a good balance of price, features, and image quality.

Moment 18-MM Wide-Angle Phone Lens for $100 ($20 off)


Moment lenses work in conjunction with required Moment phone cases to turn your phone into something that could rival a DSLR. There are cases available for iPhones as well as Samsung, Google, and OnePlus phones. Check here to see if there's a case for your model. Our favorite 58-mm telephoe lens is also on sale for $100 ($20 off).

Home Office Deals

We rounded up even more deals on work-from-home gear here.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk (30×24) for $475 ($44 off)


Many of us at WIRED love this standing desk. It's easy to adjust the height, and if you don't mind paying for them, you can choose from several options to customize the desk further. If you're tired of sitting all day while working from home, this is a good way to sneak in some more activity.

Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair for $150 ($80 off)

Staples, Amazon ($170)

Ask WIRED reviews editor Jeffrey Van Camp which budget-conscious chair you should get, and this is what he'll recommend. It's comfortable and supportive, and a good chair can make a big difference when you're sitting at your computer all day.

LG 34-Inch Ultrawide Full HD Monitor for $330 ($50 off)

Amazon ($327), Best Buy

WIRED's Jeffrey Van Camp uses and likes this LG monitor. It has HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, a sharp pixel resolution, and quick response time. If you tend to have way too many tabs open, ultrawide monitors are the way to go—they can simultaneously display two full-size browser windows side by side.

Aukey HD Webcam for $30 ($20 off)

Amazon (Click the Coupon Button)

Webcams have gotten both more expensive and harder to find since the onset of the pandemic. This option is perfectly capable and super inexpensive.

Aukey 65W 2-Port Fast Wall Charger for $30 ($8 off)

Amazon (Click the Coupon Button, Enter O3GKQA5K at Checkout)

The WIRED Gear team has lots of go-to tangents, but get one of us started on the lack of wall adapters being included with modern technology and we might never stop ranting. Like Alanis Morissette (probably) once said: It's like 10,000 cables when all you need is a wall adapter. This one from Aukey can recharge your MacBook or two phones simultaneously.

Workstream by Monoprice Dual Monitor Desk Mount for $80 ($20 off)


Get rid of those pesky monitor stands! WIRED Associate Editor Julian Chokkattu uses the single mount version of this one from Monoprice and likes it a lot. If you have two monitors (up to 34 inches), mounting them will free up a lot of room on your desk. For smaller monitors (27 inches or under), there's a dual-monitor mount that's cheaper.

Oakywood Wood Headphone Stand for $87 ($22 off)


This isn't just a fancy stand for your headphones. It's also a wireless charger! It looks attractive with the solid wood base, which is also where you'll plop your phone down to charge (if it supports wireless charging). The whole thing is fairly sturdy, so even if your hand bumps into it your headphones won't fall off. You can save an extra 5 percent if you buy two, and an extra 10 percent if you buy three of them.

Home and Kitchen Deals

Be sure to read all our picks for the best Cyber Monday home and kitchen deals.

★ Top Pick—Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum for $349 ($150 off)

Dyson, Best Buy, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

This is one of our favorite stick vacuums. We like it so much we wrote an entire article about this deal. It's lightweight, versatile, quiet, and has about an hour of run time per charge. It's nearly identical to the model WIRED senior editor Michael Calore reviewed—the only difference is the Animal doesn't have the soft roller head attachment.

iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum for $400 ($200 off)

Amazon, iRobot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot

When we tested the Roomba i3+, it had some navigational flubs. Still, it's the most affordable robot vacuum that iRobot offers with the all-important self-emptying bin, and it includes a few other features that we love, like the easy-to-clean, proprietary rubber rollers.

Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum for $320 ($110 off)

Amazon (Click the Coupon Button)

Roborock has slowly become one of our favorite robot vacuum manufacturers. Each of its S series robot vacuums offers great battery life and large bin sizes.

Ecovacs OZMO T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum/Mop for $650 ($150 off)

Amazon, Ecovacs

This is one of the best deals we’ve seen on products listed in our Best Robot Vacuums guide. The OZMO T8 AIVI can mop while it vacuums, and it’s smart enough to avoid obstacles while it meanders around cleaning. You can also set custom maps in the app.

We found this robot vacuum to be powerful and versatile, with a long battery run time and a lot of features (Map! Mop! Camera! Microphone!). However, this may not be the pick for you if you find a video butler wandering around at ankle height to be unnerving.

AeroGarden Harvest for $100 ($50 off)


This setup gives you a complete indoor hydroponic herb garden in one package. You get a reservoir for the water and nutrients, slots for six plants, and an array of LED grow lights overhead. It comes with seeds for six herbs: basil, Thai basil, parsley, dill, mint, and thyme. Monitor your garden’s growth in the companion app. Our food and kitchen expert Joe Ray reviewed this model and gave it a high score.

Petcube Bites 2 for $199 ($50 off)


This always goes on sale for the holidays, but darnedif we don't love it anyway. It earned a spot in both our Best Dog Accessories and our Best Pet Cameras guides. You'll only see the full discount if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Chatbooks Customized Instagram Photo Books for 30 percent off


We’ve recommended these books in Mother’s Day gift guides, but they also make good gifts for staying connected through quarantine. The service connects to your Instagram and prints the photos out in book format. Senior writer Adrienne So says this is the fastest and easiest photo book printing service.

Ooni Fyra for $199 ($50 off)

Ooni Store

Ooni makes some of our favorite pizza ovens. Through December 2, you can get 25 percent off sitewide. WIRED's Adrienne So says this is her favorite compact, easy-to-use backyard gadget.

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service for $99 ($100 off)


We're on the fence about at-home DNA testing, because ethnicity estimates can be misleading—and sharing your data with companies is always risky. That said, some WIRED staffers tried and liked this kit, and it doesn't sell for less than $100. You can view the company's privacy policy here.

Alternatively, the AncestryDNA Health + Genetic Testing Kit is also on sale for the same price. This kit links to Ancestry.com’s database, which can help you trace your family’s lineage, but eventually you may have to pay for a subscription to access those services. You can view the company’s privacy policy here.

Echo and Nest Deals

Nest Mini for $19 ($30 off)

Target, Walmart

If you, like us, prefer Google Assistant to Amazon's Alexa, this is a good deal on Google's smallest smart speaker. Check out our review for more.

Nest Hub for $50 ($40 off)

Target, Walmart, Best Buy

This little hub doesn't have a camera or great speakers. It's best suited for entryways to manage your smart home devices or to see upcoming calendar events and reminders. You can also use it to check your security cameras. The Walmart deal includes $20 in Vudu credit if that's something you want. (Yes, you can watch movies and shows on this hub too.)

Nest Learning Thermostat for $199 ($50 off)

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy

Use the Nest app to adjust your home's temperature remotely or set schedules to avoid paying for unnecessary heating and cooling. Nest learns as you use it—so, for example, it'll keep your home cooler while you're asleep and not moving around. Check with your energy provider—you might be able to get a rebate for installing a Nest thermostat.

Echo Dot Kids Edition for $39 ($21 off)


The very cute Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with some parental controls and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. Alexa can read your kiddo bedtime stories, play age-appropriate music, and more. Keep in mind that the Kids+ subscription automatically renews at $3 per month, so don't forget to cancel if you're not interested in paying for it.

Echo Dot for $29 ($21 off)


This recently updated spherical speaker has Alexa built in. Our tester loves it so far and says it has better sound than previous versions. You can bundle it with a Sengled Smart Bulb for the same price.

Self-Care Deals

MysteryVibe Crescendo for $105 ($45 off)


The MysteryVibe Crescendo has powerful vibrations and customization settings, and the design works well with different body types. The rest of MysteryVibes' lineup is also discounted.

Foreo UFO Mask Infusing Facial Device for $129 ($70 off)

Foreo, Sephora, Dermstore

We like this unisex device and have included it in both our Mother's Day and Father's Day gift guides. Its LED lights, heating and cooling functions, and vibrations can give your skin-care routine a boost.

Colgate Hum Electric Toothbrush for $56 ($14 off)

Target, Walmart ($50), Colgate (enter CYBER30 at checkout), Amazon ($60)

We love the Colgate Hum. Most smart toothbrushes are more work than they're worth. This one is not only more affordable than its competitors, but it has the right amount of features without too many nonessentials.

T3 Lucea ID Hair Straightener for $176 ($59 off)

T3Micro (enter HOLIDAY25 at checkout)

This is one of WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano's favorite flat irons. It can be used to straighten and curl, and there are different settings to help it perform well on every hair type.

The Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace for $52 ($28 off)

Crave (use code TDAY35)

Crave's wearable vibrator necklace works well and looks great. It made our list of the Best Sex Tech and Toys. We also like the Duet Pro—its customization settings don't require sharing sensitive data with an app.

The Unbound Bender Flexible Vibrator for $48 ($21 off)


We haven't yet listed this brand in our Sex Tech Buying Guide, but we like its products. The Bender is particularly neat. It's waterproof, beginner-friendly, and super flexible.

Eco-Friendly Deals

Read all our Cyber Monday Earth-Friendly Gear picks.

Nebia Spa Rain Showerhead for $215 ($54 off)


This beautiful reimagining of the humble low-flow showerhead has a glamorous origin story. The shower's mist has a remarkably low flow rate of 1.35 gallons per minute, with plenty of coverage, and uses about 45 percent less water than an average showerhead. I do recommend that you have an enclosed shower stall—in my bathtub shower setup, a shower curtain allowed too much heat to diffuse for comfort.

Tushy Classic Bidet: $75 ($34 off)

Amazon, Huckberry ($79), Tushy ($89)

Bidets have become a popular way to get around the toilet paper shortages of 2020. But even once the TP supply starts flowing again, you might think about reducing your usage for the sake of all the trees used to make it. WIRED senior writer Adrienne So reviewed one earlier this year, and senior editor Jason Kehe raved about his Tushy last year, long before toilet paper shortages were even a concern.

Cleancult Sustainable Soap and Cleaners for 40 Percent Off

Cleancult Store

Cleancult makes some of the best sustainable cleaners. You’ll get a set of refillable containers, plus eco-friendly hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, and dish tablets. This bundle also comes with bar soaps, dryer balls, and a funnel. The products are plant-based, smell fantastic, and are much more sustainable overall than buying new plastic bottles every month. Note that Cleancult is subscription-based and will offer you a membership for regular refill cartons. Be sure to opt out of refills in your profile on the website if you’d rather wait.

Kinflyte Freedom Posture Bra for $83 ($36 off)


This bra will help you keep your back straight. Kinflyte's garments are made of recycled polyester knits from post-consumer plastic bottles, so they're eco-friendly too. I've been living in these posture bras. They're super comfy and flattering, with compression panels and a grippy material on the shoulders that prevent them from hunching.

Nimble's Recycled iPhone Case for $28 ($12 off)


These are one of our favorite thin, clear phone cases, and they're made from repurposed compact discs!

Solgaard Luggage for $200 ($75 off)

Solgaard Store

We liked Solgaard's hard-shell suitcase so much that it's featured in not only our Best Upcycled and Recycled Products guide, we also put it in our Best Carry-Ons guide. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe loves how easy it is to organize, with an interior clip-in closet that's collapsible and removable. It's a tiny bit bigger than your average carry-on, but Strampe has found that it's accepted by most airlines.

The part we like most? The interior lining is made from 5 pounds of recycled plastic that has been pulled from the ocean. The company also partners with Plastic Bank, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower local communities to pull plastic from the ocean and recycle it for their own use. The products are also free from any single-use plastics.

Tentree TreeFleece Sweatpant for $54 ($14 off)

Tentree (Men’s), Tentree (Women’s

You don’t need to wear pants when you’re working from home, but these sweatpants have been WIRED editor Julian Chokkattu's go-to for many months. He says they're amazingly soft and comfortable, and better yet, they’re sustainable! They're made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, a wood pulp fiber. Tentree also plants a tree for every purchase you make.

Video Game Deals

Read all our Cyber Monday Gaming picks here.

Hades (Nintendo Switch) for $20 ($5 off)


This is Louryn's absolute favorite game of 2020. It's fun to play and ridiculously hard. Luckily, when you inevitably die over and over again, you'll just further the storyline. Read more about it in WIRED's review.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) for $40 ($20 off)


Feeling nostalgic for some classic sidescrolling Mario? This is a re-release of the Wii U version (hence the "U" in the name), and it's actually two games in one. You get New Super Luigi U as well. There's co-op support so play along with your quarantine bubble.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch) for $40 ($20 off)


Link's Awakening is an adorable remake of a classic Zelda game, reimagined with all-new art and character design. For fans of the series, it's a delightful bit of nostalgia, and for newcomers, it's an entertaining and endearing way to while away the hours during quarantine.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4/PS5) for $25 ($35 off)

Best Buy

From Software's games are not often for the faint of heart, and Sekiro is more punishing than most. But it is an undeniably beautiful, tense, and well-crafted game. If you're looking for a challenge (and you're not daunted by the difficulty of games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls), it's a great pick.

Death Stranding (PS4/PS5) for $18 ($12 off)


Hideo Kojima directed this bizarre-in-a-good-way game. You play as Sam, a deliveryman in a postapocalyptic world ravaged by angry, hungry ghost-monsters. (We feel it's important to mention that Sam is played by Norman Reedus.)

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4/PS5) for $30 ($30 off)

Best Buy

It's the first part of a planned series, but this completely re-imagined version of the PlayStation classic, Final Fantasy VII is worth checking out, even if you never played the original. It's fresh, fun, and features lavish visuals.

The Outer Worlds (Xbox One/Series X/S) for $20 ($40 off)

Amazon, Microsoft Store ($24)

If you're into side quests and anti-capitalism, or you're looking to fill the void that Fallout left, this is a good RPG to pick up. Read our review for more.

Doom Eternal (Xbox One/Series X/S) for $20 ($40 off)


Who hasn't wanted to rip and tear their way through demonic legions in literal hell while clad in super-powered space armor? Well, now you can, in the follow-up to the wildly successful Doom reboot. It's just as satisfying as the original, but it is admittedly a more-of-the-same situation. Thankfully, the gameplay served up in the first game is strong enough to hold up a sequel.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Xbox One/Series X/S) for $25 ($35 off)

GameStop, Target

We're not getting a new Star Wars movie this holiday season (at least we have Baby Yoda), but you can still get your fix by taking on the role of a Jedi padawan as he searches the galaxy for the remnants of an ancient civilization. Also, lightsaber fights. You get to do a lot of lightsaber fights.

Samsung EVO Select 256 GB MicroSD Card for $25 ($10 off)


We’ve seen MicroSD cards with smaller capacities sell for more than this. This card usually sells for around $36, but today’s deal is still a good one. MicroSD cards are handy to have around, especially for things like the Nintendo Switch.

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO Mouse for $30 ($40 off)

Best Buy, Amazon

This is one of the best gaming mice. It's clicky and tactile, and there are a few buttons to help you customize your gameplay.

Logitech G513 Wired Mechanical Keyboard for $100 ($30 off)

Best Buy, Newegg

This Logitech is in our Best Keyboards guide. The all-black design offers a low profile, but you still get RGB backlit keys if you want, and the large size means you get a NumPad. It comes with a plush palm rest, and GX Blue switches for a clicky typing experience.

The Sims 4 for $5 ($35 off) + DLC Deals

Amazon, Origin

We love The Sims 4, but it can get really expensive if you want to purchase DLC. Almost every extra pack is on sale right now, plus the base game is only $5. With over 30 extra packs available, we recommend checking our Best Sims 4 Add-Ons guide to smartly take advantage of the sale.

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Here are some of the other major sales going on right now.

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