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Cantina Talk: 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Just Recruited a Doctor

It might be fall, but that doesn't mean there's a new Star Wars movie to look forward to. This year there's no new installment coming in December. Kind of a bummer, no? Yes, yes it is. But! That doesn't mean there's nothing Star Wars-related to tell you about these days. In fact, there's a lot. Let's get to it right now.

Finally, the Doctor Visits a Long Time Ago…

The Source: Movie trade bible Variety

Probability of Accuracy: It's something that's been confirmed by other outlets, so let's assume this is correct.

The Real Deal: The cast list for Star Wars: Episode IX just keeps growing and growing. The latest addition? Former Doctor Who Time Lord and Crown Prince, Matt Smith. His role is, of course, unknown for now, but let's be honest: If ever an actor was perfect to play a First Order officer, it's Matt Smith. Just look at that face! Also, have you ever heard him speak? Perfection. Smith will join other franchise newcomers Keri Russell, Richard E. Grant, and Dominic Monaghan in the new movie, alongside returning stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. The movie is currently in production and set to be released in December 2019, so very, very far away from now.

Solo Gets a Writing Upgrade

The Source: An official novelization and expansion (and the promotion thereof)

Probability of Accuracy: This is all in-canon; it's as accurate as it gets.

The Real Deal: The novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story actually has the title Solo: A Star Wars Story Expanded Edition, and there's a reason for that—it really does add a lot to what appeared onscreen, with excerpts released on the official Star Wars site introducing a tie-in to Rogue One and building on the final fate for L3-3T, much to some people's concern. In a related interview, author Mur Lafferty commented on the movie's shortcomings—"Val deserved more time to explore her character a little bit"— and also attempted to address them. The book is available now, and who knows? Maybe it’ll make you like the movie a little more.

Is Rian Johnson's Trilogy Under Threat?

The Source: People who know and people who don’t, basically

Probability of Accuracy: It depends who you're paying attention to…

The Real Deal: Although rumors persist that Rian Johnson's all-new Star Wars trilogy has been put on hold, reality seems to suggest something different; in news reports about Johnson's surprise new crime feature Knives Out, it was underscored that the movie will shoot this November, before he settles in to creating the trilogy. Johnson has even taken to Twitter to confirm that, yes, the trilogy is still in the works. This might not stop the rumor to the contrary being spread around, but as Taylor Swift once so poignantly pointed out, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

>You Can Have a Drink in the Star Wars Theme Park, But Can You Fly the Falcon?

The Source: Both the rumor mill and Disney's official promotional arm

Probability of Accuracy: Given that we're combining official announcements and hearsay, let's go with 70/30.

The Real Deal: More information about the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge spaces coming to Disney parks is starting to emerge. The good news: Disney says that when the attractions open next year they'll feature Oga's Cantina locations—essentially bars that will serve all kinds of refreshing beverages and feature music from Star Tours' old pilot droid, RX-24, who is apparently a DJ now. (Look, it's weird. Let's just admit that and move on.) Meanwhile, there are apparently big problems with Galaxy Edge's Millennium Falcon ride, which may have been too ambitious for its own good. According to some, it’s going to require significant retro fixes in order to work for more than 10 percent of those on the ride at any given time. Still, if it all goes wrong, at least there'll be somewhere for everyone to go and have a drink while waiting for repairs. (There’s also a rumor that John Williams and Rogue One's Michael Giacchino will be writing original music for the attraction, which would be interesting…)

Meet the Fireballs Behind the Next Animated Series

The Source: Whoever is responsible for uploading Disney material to YouTube

Probability of Accuracy: It's honest-to-goodness Disney promo material, so it's as accurate as any promotional material.

The Real Deal: Wondering what to expect from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Resistance? Well, thanks to a new promo video we now know a little bit more about Team Fireball, the characters at the center of the new show.

[#video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/dlucTaqVVcs

"We made the show for a younger audience; I think they’ll love the relationships between the characters, and all the light-heartedness," said executive producer Athena Yvette Portillo. "It's unique in tone, unique in look. It's a completely different package." The new series debuts on the Disney Channel October 7.

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