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The Story of Apple, in Two Iconic Buildings


Infinite Loop, Apple’s former headquarters


The Ring, Apple employees’ new home base

In the spring of 1993, employees of Apple Computer began moving into a new campus in Cupertino, Cali­fornia. It had six buildings set around an oval street, which was named, in a wry bit of geek humor, Infinite Loop. It was there, from a fourth-floor office in 1 Infinite Loop, that Steve Jobs would conjure into being the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and generations of Macs. Last year, under CEO Tim Cook, the company moved to a new campus costing a reported $5 billion and anchored by a loop of its own: a vast, glass-walled building in Apple’s famously spare aesthetic that looks like an alien mother­ship. The campus is called Apple Park, but everyone knows it as the Ring.

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