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All the Cool Kids Are Using Tiny Clackety Keyboards

ZSA Technology Labs Planck EZ Glow

The oddly labeled command keys flanking the Planck's teensy space bar are the real space savers. They provide access to up to 32 different characters or functions per letter key. Plus, the Planck is ortholinear; the keys are aligned on a grid rather than staggered. This makes it more compact and, ortho adherents argue, more ergonomic.


Ducky One 2 Mini RGB

The Ducky is a 60 percent keyboard—its footprint is just over half that of a standard typer. If the two 40 percent keyboards below are just a little too cozy, this one gives your fingers some more wiggle room. There's a top row of numbers, standard function keys along the bottom, a full-size space bar, and adjustable feet for the right amount of tilt. It's a great gateway keyboard for first-time downsizers.


Vortex Core

With a mere 47 keys, the Core includes only the ones we use most: letters, space bar, common punctuation. Each key takes on extra duties to deliver all the abilities of a full-size keyboard. To type a number or use the arrows, hold down a function key, which unlocks the alternate characters. Even the space bar is split in two; each side can be programmed for different functions.


Stylist: Lionel Dulce

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