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14 Awesome Deals on Headphones, TVs, and A Killer Roomba

Tech giants are hard at work prepping their latest products for 2020, which means awesome deals on a lot of fantastic (and previously expensive) products to make shelf space. From excellent noise-canceling headphones and a great smartwatch to a 25 percent discount on one of our all-time favorite robot vacuums, it's a great weekend to snag some new gear.

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Headphone and Mobile Deals

For more info on the best models available right now, check out our guides to the Best Headphones and Best Cheap Smartphones.

Computer and Gaming Deals

Accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your laptop? Been there. If you can't repair it, check out the deals below for an affordable replacement. It's also worth taking a gander at our guides to the Best Laptops, Best Macbooks, Best Gaming Desktops, and Best Gaming Headsets, to get an idea what the market looks like right now.

TV and Home Deals

Be sure to check out our Best TVs and Best Robovacs guides to learn more about what we're hyped on right now.

  • Samsung 65-Inch Q60R for $898 ($902 off): The Q60R is one of Samsung's higher-end models, but it's in the bargain basement right now, costing less than half its normal retail price. Needless to say, this is an amazing deal if you're looking for a replacement for that old plasma.

  • LG 65-Inch Class 9 Series for $1,096 ($903 off): Walmart is blowing out this high-end LG TV from last year to make way for newer models. LG's NanoCell tech gives this fantastic color, and it's also got ultra-thin bezels if you're worried about bezels for some reason.

  • iRobot Roomba i7+ for $799 ($201 off): Reviewer Adrienne So gave this self-emptying robot vac a 9/10, WIRED Recommends when she reviewed it at its original price tag. Now that it's $200 off, it might be a perfect 10.

  • 10 Percent of All Tushy Bidets: WIRED writers are big fans of bidets. In recognition of our devotion, Tushy is now giving WIRED readers 10 percent off all orders with code WIRED.

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