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The 16 Best Weekend Deals on Speakers, Games, and More

We're all stuck indoors, but that doesn't mean we're not busy. Between working, cooking, homeschooling kids, and watching pets, you're probably feeling just as frazzled as before, if not more. We've been hunting for deals on gear that might make quarantining more bearable.

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Speakers & Headphones

Now's a great time to snag a new pair of headphones (if you need one) and listen to some great music, or upgrade your home theater speakers for the next Netflix binge. Check out our Best Headphones and Best Soundbars guides for more options.

Computers & Gaming

Video games are a great way to feel at ease during quarantine time. Be sure to check out our lists of the Best Gaming Laptops, Best Gaming Headsets, Best Game Controllers and Best Gaming Desktops for more recommendations.


Thinking of learning how to 3D print to build hospital masks? Did you notice how dirty the patio is when you were taking out the trash? Consider nabbing some tools on the cheap to help.

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