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15 Best Weekend Deals on Laptops, TVs, and Outdoor Gear

I've never been sure when the dog days of summer are, but where I live it's scorching. It sure feels like dog days. My dogs refuse to come out of the shade, does that count? Still, fall will come. Eventually. Right now we have some good deals on outdoor gear so you can stock up for those dreamy cool October weekends. The end of summer has always been the best time to buy hiking and climbing gear, and 2020 is no different, Covid-19 or not.

More of an indoors person? That's OK. There are a lot of deals on laptops, phones, robot vacuums—even a counter­top garden setup. Everything you need to stay comfortably entertained in an air-conditioned bubble, including the headphone and cleaning supplies deals we rounded up earlier this week.

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Outdoor Deals

Outdoor enthusiasts, it's that time of year. Backcountry kicks off its annual end-of-summer sale this weekend with some good deals for those looking at using gear in 2021, or for those us who've been indoors waiting until the fall.

Tech and Countertop Garden Deals

Fear not indoor enthusiasts! There's plenty of stuff for you too, from phones to hard drives to cameras.

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