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19 Best Weekend Deals on Cameras, Apple Gear, and Games

There's always a nice calm between the end of Labor Day sales and the deluge of holiday sales that will soon be upon us. It's like we're in the eye of a deals hurricane, waiting. Or maybe it feels that way because the remnants of an actual hurricane are passing through my neck of the woods right now. Whatever the case, there are still some deals to be found. Our top picks this week include a slew of cameras, discounts on the Apple Watch Series 5, and a brand new iPad, as well as a few good gaming deals.

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Camera and Photography Deals

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Apple Deals

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  • Apple iPad 8th-Gen for $299 ($30 off): Apple's newest eighth-generation iPad is already on sale at Walmart. This one supports Apple's Smart Keyboard and Pencil (separate purchases), and the processor inside is plenty powerful for most tasks.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38 mm) for $169 ($30 off): The Apple Watch Series 6 is here, but it's expensive. The Series 3 is a much better entry point into the world of smartwatches, and while it doesn't have newer features like an always-on display, electrocardiogram, or blood oxygen saturation measurements, it can do almost everything else, including sleep tracking.

  • Apple AirPods Pro for $199 ($50 off): Apple's AirPods Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends) offer outstanding sound quality and excellent active noise canceling. They're comfortable and sweatproof, and they work flawlessly with your iPhone and iPad. The downside is the battery life—only 4.5 hours outside the case.

Miscellaneous Deals

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