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Amazon Prime Day: 28 Best Deals if You Work From Home (Updated)

Note: Prime Day is over. Check our list of remaining Prime Day deals and deals from the final day of Walmart's sale for the deals that remain. Or read our package of amazing retro tech. As always, we hope we helped you sift through the discounts and find good products.

If you're lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic, you've likely been upgrading your home work station these past few months. We've tested a variety of home office gear that could improve your space, many of which are discounted for Amazon's Prime Day as well as at other retailers hosting site-wide sales. From standing desks to keyboards, there's something here for every setup.

Updated October 14: We struck through a few out-of-stock deals and added more, like an Aukey charger.

Note: We strike through items that sell out or rise in price as we update this guide. Discounts sometimes return quickly, so check for yourself. You'll need a subscription to Amazon Prime to get many of these deals.

WIRED's Prime Day Coverage

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Desk and Chair Deals

Monitor Deals

  • LG 34-Inch Ultrawide Monitor for $450 ($100 off): Many of the folks on WIRED's Gear team use ultrawide monitors with 21:9 aspect ratios because they're better for multitasking. They're wide enough to fit two sizable browsers side-by-side, effectively getting you close to the real estate of two computer monitors for one. This one's high resolution with a high refresh rate and low latency. It's HDR10 compatible too for a more color-accurate movie-watching experience.

  • BenQ GW2480 24-Inch IPS Monitor for $120 ($29 off): This is a fairly standard 24-inch monitor with positive reviews across the web. You get a Full HD resolution, a professional design, and VESA mount support.

  • Acer Nitro 24-Inch IPS HD Monitor for $152 ($48 off): It looks attractive, has legs that won't take up much room, and you get Full HD quality at a reasonable size. Plus, if you like to game on the side, you'll appreciate the 1-millisecond latency and 144 Hz screen refresh rate. It's also VESA-mountable.

  • LG 24-Inch IPS Monitor for $150 ($150 off): Here's another LG monitor on sale. It's not an ultrawide but a standard 24-inch with VESA mounting capabilities, slim bezels, and a Full HD resolution.

Keyboard and Mouse Deals

Headphone, Speaker, and Mic Deals

Laptop and Laptop Stand Deals

Be sure to read our longer list of laptop deals for Prime Day.

Other Helpful Deals

  • Vava USB-C 9-in-1 Hub for $50 ($10 off)—Tap the Coupon Button: Click the coupon checkbox to see the sale at checkout. This hub lets me connect various accessories and peripherals to my laptop. There are nine ports in total, from an HDMI port for connecting an external display and an SD card slot to a headphone jack. It means I only need to unplug one thing when I move from my desk to the couch.

  • Eero Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack for $174 ($75 off): Our reviews editor, Jeffrey Van Camp, purchased this system earlier this summer for $250. We’ve seen it at $160 before, but it’s rarely this low. If you have a larger house, or your internet modem is in a corner of it and you have trouble getting stable Wi-Fi everywhere, Eero is an easy fix. You just place the three nodes (or add more) in different zones of your house to stitch together a more stable Wi-Fi network.

  • Aukey Omnia 100W USB-C GaNFast Charger for $40 ($6): It's not a crazy deal but did you hear? Apple is not including a charger in its newest iPhone anymore. This one will let you recharge your new iPhone and your laptop if it has a USB-C port for charging, like MacBooks.

  • Aukey Webcam for $50 ($10 off): Webcams are still a little tough to find or wildly overpriced due to high demand. I've been using this one for several months, and while colors are muted and the image quality is only OK, it does the job if you can't find anything else for less.

  • iRobot Roomba 692 for $200 ($120 off): WIRED senior writer Adrienne So says that any time an iRobot vacuum goes near $200, it's a great deal. If you need to clean your workspace, but you don't have time to pull out the vacuum yourself, this little guy will do the job. Even though this is an older model, it still has a powerful motor, world-class navigation, and features like Dirt Detect.

  • Blueair Pure 411+ Air Purifier for $98 ($42 off): We tested this bedroom purifier during the wildfires that choked Oregon, and it worked admirably, which means it will work great to keep the air smelling fresh in your home office. You can also get a twin-pack for a big discount.

Retailer Sale Pages

If you'd like to peruse the deals yourself, here are links to all the sales going on this week.

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