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The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Cold Weather Gear, TVs, and More

In many parts of the country, temperatures have started to dip. We're starting to hunker down for the winter, which might mean something different for everyone. Maybe you're stocking up on cold-weather gear to continue your outdoor socializing, or putting together a top-notch medicine cabinet for your kid in hybrid schooling. Or maybe you're just decking out your home theater setup to watch as many movies possible. Read on, because this weekend's deals might be able to help you out.

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Gaming and Audio Deals

Home and Outdoor Deals

  • Patagonia Retro Pile Hoody for $112 ($37 off): 'Tis the season to start wrapping yourself up in as much floof as possible. This hoody is made from double-sided, recycled polyester, with a 3-paneled hood that keeps as much of your noggin covered as possible.

  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Switch for $14 ($6 off): Smart light switches are an easy and affordable way to make your home just a little more energy-efficient. These Kasa switches let you turn your lights off remotely if you've forgotten, or turn them on if you're away and want to repel intruders.

  • Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Grinder for $90 ($10 off): This Bodum grinder didn't make the list of our favorite coffee grinders, but it's a solid option with positive reviews around the web if you need a grinder for your favorite bag of freshly roasted beans.

  • Thermoworks Wand Thermometer for $69 ($29 off): It doesn't matter how accurate a thermometer is if your sick, angry kid won't let you stick it in their mouth or ear. Thermoworks brings its characteristic accuracy and precision to its FDA-cleared no-touch thermometer, which you can use even while they're sleeping.

  • Smartwool Merino Baselayer Crew for $65 ($35 off): If you plan on staying outside for as long as possible, you don't need to spend hundreds on a new coat. Merino wool base layers keep you warm, dry, and odor-free all day. This one is also comfortable enough to serve as pajamas if you fall asleep in front of the TV.

  • Crescent Moon EVA Snowshoes for $111 ($48 off): If you've been wanting a pair of lightweight and easy-to-use snowshoes (that you can also store in your trunk without ripping holes in all of your jackets and blankets), these are the way to go. They fit women's size 7 through men's size 14 and are recyclable.

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