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17 Tips to Help You Survive 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout'

If you've been on Twitter at all over the past few months, you've probably seen colorful, amorphous bean-shaped characters, dressed in bright garb, falling all over each other. (If you haven't been on Twitter, good job. Keep it up!)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout exploded in popularity seemingly overnight back in August, and while some of the initial hubbub has died down, plenty of gamers are still involved in the fast-paced battle royale. Through a series of semi-random minigames, your goal is to be the last bean standing. You might have to race your opponents to a finish line by navigating tricky obstacles, work with other beans to hoard eggs, or simply outlast your fellow players on a rolling-log contraption. Sixty players enter. Only one will win.

Fall Guys is available for $20 on PC and PlayStation 4. It isn't available on Xbox or Switch, but when asked about future ports during an interview, the lead designer said, "Maybe one day."

Whether you're a new player or you've been on the Bean Scene for awhile, our tips might help you improve your gameplay so you can rack up those sweet, sweet Crowns.

1. Time Your Jumps

It can be easy to focus solely on running toward your objective, but there are other controls available that you shouldn't discredit. First: jumping. A well-timed jump can help boost you toward the middle of a crowd, get you away from the newbie behind you, or get you over the finish line milliseconds before you'd be otherwise disqualified.

2. Don't Forget to Grab

Grabbing is an essential move you'll need to master if you ever hope to climb over walls or onto ramps. The timing can be tricky, but keep trying and you'll pick it up quickly. You can even grab other players to prevent them from stealing your soccer balls (or rob them of their tail in some game modes).

Bonus: There's an achievement for "hugging" another player, if they grab you while you're grabbing them. Aww.

3. Learn When to Dive

The wonky physics of this game are hilarious. You'll find that you can build momentum very quickly, which hinders your ability to navigate some obstacles. This is where diving is essential. As WIRED photo editor Phuc Pham says, the game could really be called Dive Guys. Diving will save your life—if there's one move you should have in your arsenal, it's this.

Diving also comes in handy when trying to avoid obstacles like swinging axes or fan blades. If you time it right, you can throw your body forward, just missing the element that would have tossed you into oblivion. Diving helps you get down slime-covered hills more quickly, too. Dive! All the time! (Unless you're on a long, straight stretch, because diving slows you down.)

4. Falling Can Help, Too

Sometimes a well-timed fall or dive can get you closer to your goal than running ever would have. This is especially true in racing minigames. Falling is inevitable, but if you do it intentionally, the elements of the game board might toss you around in such a fashion that you end up miles ahead of where you intended. When in doubt, try falling.

5. Follow the Crowd

Confused on where to go? Playing a new board? In these instances, it's a good idea to follow the rest of your beanmates. If everyone seems to be running toward one direction, it's a safe bet to do what they're doing, or at least check it out. Unless you know exactly what you're doing, going rogue might not be a good plan.

6. But Also, Slow Down

In games like Fall Guys, it's easy to fall into the frenetic pace of other players. This is how you end up in a loop, where you're constantly falling prey to the same obstacles while watching your odds of qualifying dwindle by the second. Try slowing down. Yes, your current minigame might literally be a race, but changing up your timing or going at your own speed to avoid certain obstacles will be faster in the long run than running to your death at top speed. Stay calm and don't panic.

7. Let the Wave of Players Take You

There will inevitably be a point where you end up stuck in the middle of several other frantic bean people. Rather than trying to fight the crowd, go with the flow, and look for a way out after the other players disperse. If you try to escape, you run the risk of falling and getting trampled—or knocked off the board entirely. Remember, in the early rounds you don't have to be the best, you just have to be better than the worst.

8. You Don't Need to Spend Money

Every game you play, you'll earn Kudos. You earn more based on how many rounds you survive, and can get bonus Kudos for things like being in the top 50 percent of qualifiers. Kudos can be exchanged in the store for decorative items like costumes and color schemes. You can also earn Crowns, a much rarer form of in-game currency. Crowns are awarded for all-out winning a battle royale and being the last bean standing. You may also earn Crowns from participating in the current game season.

You can purchase Kudos with real money, but you absolutely don't need to do that. (Note that Crowns must be earned and cannot be purchased.) Decorative items like costumes and theatrics do nothing to actually enhance your gameplay; they're just for show. Playing naturally earns you plenty of in-game currency to exchange for decorative goodies.

9. Some Tips for the In-Game Shop

The in-game shop (which, again, you don't need to spend real money at) has an array of items that are regularly cycled in and out. Featured Items are available to every player and exist for around three days, whereas Regular Items are random and last for one day only. That means if you see a Regular Item that you want to redeem, you should try to earn the Kudos for it soon, because you never know when it'll be back in your shop.

I advise checking the store when you start playing so you know if you have a Kudos earning goal or not. (I may be guilty of playing for hours at a time just to earn enough Kudos to make my Guy look like a rainbow beverage.)

10. How to Customize Your Bean

If you want to switch up the look of your Guy, navigate to the clothes hanger tab on the main menu. Here, you can choose from different patterns, clothes, and theatrics. Earn more customization options by participating in season passes or redeeming your Kudos in the shopping cart tab.

11. Take Your Time; Losing Is Also Fun!

This is a no-brainer, but the best way to get better is simply to play. Over time, you'll learn how to navigate each board, how to avoid certain obstacles, and how to deal with your cursed, top-heavy beanbag body. Don't get discouraged by losses, either. Keep playing and you'll be a pro in no time.

12. Take Advantage of the Season Pass

Fall Guys has had one season and is in the midst of its second, which ends in early December. So far, every season pass has been free.

With each game you play, you'll accrue Fame, which is akin to experience points. Over time, as you play more and earn more Fame, you'll automatically unlock rewards like costumes, theatrics, name tags, and those elusive Crowns. You don't need to spend any Kudos at all—Fame is free to earn and one of the easiest ways to trick out your Guy without spending a dime, real or virtual.

13. Play Defense

In team events where you have to hoard eggs or soccer balls, the best offense can be a good defense. If other players on your team are playing aggressively, stay close to your stash and try to foil the plans of players trying to steal away your horde.

14. Tips for Tricky Boards

In general, try to avoid the edges of suspended ground, so that if you fall you don't fall off. Always keep your joystick pointed in the direction you're trying to go; if your fallen Guy manages to get back up, you want to ensure that he knows where to head next. In games where you're trying to avoid other players, turn on player names—that'll help you be aware of everyone's whereabouts. In rounds with spinning discs, don't try to fight the floor—let it carry you closer to your objective.

There are plenty of tips for specific maps across the net, but here are a few that might help.

  • Door Dash: Don't try to go rogue. Attempting to smash down doors and avoid the crowd is risky. Instead, navigate to already-open doors, and let the crowd carry you forward.
  • Knight Fever: That big, swinging, spiked log toward the end? That's the community-dubbed Thicc Bonkus, and it's a real pain. Try sticking to the middle of the path and timing your run so you avoid at least one of the pendulous obstacles. You can jump over the smaller holes in the ground, too.
  • The Whirlygig: A well-timed dive can yeet you past the spinning fan blades and straight to freedom.
  • See Saw: Stick to the middle of the saws, and try to anticipate which direction the next one is tilting. Keep your joystick tilted while you're trying to balance—it can help you fight gravity long enough to stave off a fall.
  • Perfect Match: Focus on the tiles immediately around you, and try not to pay much attention to the ones on the opposite corner of the board.

15. Spectate

Spectating happens automatically when you're eliminated, or if you qualify before other players. It's a great schadenfreude tool, allowing you to giggle gleefully at your opponents' demise, but it's also useful. Observing how other players breeze past obstacles will teach you lessons for future gameplay.

16. Remember Who You Are

It might sound silly, but one trick that can help you be a better player is to remember which Guy is your Guy. The game is full of neon colors and obnoxious patterns, and if you lose track of which character is yours, you'll surely end up running in the wrong direction at some point. A distinctive headpiece or costume can make it easier.

17. To Sabotage or Not To Sabotage?

Some players like to troll other players by grabbing them, oftentimes near tricky obstacles or right before the finish line. If that's your play style, keep a close eye on the Qualified counter in the upper-right corner—or someone might beat you to the ultimate objective while you're making mischief.

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