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The 18 Best Weekend Deals on Masks, Headphones, and MacBooks

Parts of the US that have frozen over are starting to thaw, so it’s time to try and get back to some amount of normalcy. Some. The world is still in a perpetual state of shrug emoji, but spending some time on self-care has been helpful for holding me together through it all. That’s what I was looking for this week—searching, scouring, digging for the best deals that might make your everyday life a little easier, a little nicer, a little more fun.

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MacBook and Storage Deals

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  • MacBook Pro With Apple M1 Chip, 256-GB SSD, 8 GB RAM for $1,219 ($80 off): Apple's MacBooks with custom-made silicon are more powerful than their Intel predecessors, not to mention they run extremely quiet and cool and have longer battery life. If you're doing simple tasks but still want a Mac, go for the MacBook Air (not on sale), but if you need something beefier, this one will do.
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch With Touch Bar, 256-GB SSD, 8 GB RAM for $1,099 ($150 off): There's still a good reason to buy an Intel-powered MacBook: if you want to easily install Windows 10 and switch between the operating systems. If that's you, or maybe you use special apps that have yet to be properly translated to the M1 architecture, this is a solid deal on a laptop that will last you several years.
  • iPad Air 2020 for $549 ($50 off): It's not a huge discount, but Apple's latest tablet ports many of the top-end features from the much pricier iPad Pro for a much more reasonable price. You also get the refreshed design, and Touch ID remains instead of Face ID. Read our review for more.
  • LaCie 2-TB Rugged Mini Hard Drive for $80 ($20 off): One of my (Jess) favorite external hard drives of all time is the LaCie 2-Terabyte Rugged Mini. This thing can take a beating and keep your data safe and sound inside its robust chassis, protected on all sides by a removable, squishy bumper.

Headphone Deals

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  • AirPods Pro for $219 ($30 off): My personal favorite earbuds of all time are the AirPods Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends). They're regularly on sale these days, though the discount is small. They’re comfy for everyday and all-day use, plus they have powerful noise cancellation and a stylish little case that can recharge wirelessly.
  • Beats PowerBeats Pro for $160 ($90 off): If you’re out jogging, or just doing chores around the house, music is essential. The PowerBeats Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends) feature a bit more grip than your standard wireless earbuds, so they stay secure even when you’re going for a run in the freezing cold, or wrestling laundry up and down the stairs. If you prefer a wire running between each bud so you can rest 'em around your neck, the Beats Powerbeats are also on sale for $119 ($31 off).
  • Beats Solo Pro for $170 ($130): Want a step up in audio quality and comfort? The Solo Pro wireless headphones (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are a great pick. They’re soft and plush, comfy on your ears, and stylish for wearing when you’re out and about. Plus, they hold a mask on really well.
  • Jabra Elite Active 75T for $141 ($59 off): This is our favorite pair of rugged earbuds. They have an IP57 rating, so they're fully waterproof and sweatproof. They don't skimp on sound or call quality, and you still get more than seven hours of battery life.

Gaming Deals

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Home & Health Deals

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Correction, February 20, 2019: We've removed the Blue Arrow KN95 masks as the brand is not on the CDC's list of authorized manufacturers for surgical KN95 masks. Thank you to a reader for flagging this. 

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