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The 20 Best Weekend Deals If You Work From Home

We're coming up on a year since the pandemic first imposed a lockdown in the US, forcing many people to work from home for the first time, and kids to learn remotely. If you've yet to make a home office of sorts, temporary or not, now is still a good time, as the pandemic isn't disappearing just yet. We found several deals this week that can help you get it together, and if you already have your own space, maybe you'll find something here that'll make remote learning and working just a little more comfortable.

Our guide on setting up a home office and our work-from-home gift guide have more ideas.

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Workspace Deals

If you need a new desk, chair, or monitor, a few of our favorites are on sale. You'll also find a deal on a standing desk mat and monitor mount, among others items.

  • Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk for $479 ($50 off): This is our favorite standing desk. There are desk frames in three height ranges to choose from, and the site explains how to measure and find the perfect fit for your needs. You can save four presets to easily switch between your preferred heights. Depending on the finishes you choose, this desk can cost slightly more, but with the current sale, you can get higher-end finishes for less than normal.
  • FlexiSpot EN1 Standing Desk for $300 ($60 off): WIRED senior associate editor Julian Chokkattu notes that this desk is slightly more time-consuming to assemble than the instructions suggest, but it has the perks of a motorized standing desk at a cheaper price. It can go from a height of 28 to 48 inches, and you can save three height presets. The surface is made from environmentally friendly chipboard, and it doesn't feel cheap.
  • Staples Ardfield Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair for $60 ($70 off): Reviews editor Jeffrey Van Camp recommends this chair after testing “all the chairs at all the stores” (in the Before Times). It's not his favorite—that'd be the Staples Hyken, also slightly discounted—and it may not last you a lifetime, but it's significantly cheaper than most options, especially on sale.
  • LG 34-Inch Ultrawide Monitor for $320 ($60 off): Ultrawide monitors are nice if you need more screen—you can run two full-size browser windows side by side, and many of the Gear team members own one. Van Camp recommends this model, which has a 2,560 x 1,080 resolution, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, and a speedy response time (if you game during downtime).
  • Vissles-M Portable Touchscreen Monitor for $189 ($20 off): A portable monitor lets you tote it from room to room, so you don't necessarily need to stay tethered to one desk. It plugs into your laptop via a cable, and you can use it as a secondary screen. Our review has more information.
  • Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand for $124 ($11 off): Mounting your monitor to an arm such as this one helps you get back some of your desk space. If you have a monitor that's 32 inches or smaller (that leaves out the ultrawide above), you can use this Amazon Basics arm. We haven't tested it ourselves, but it comes highly recommended. Need something for a bigger monitor? We like this one from Monoprice.
  • Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard for $131 ($20 off): This is our favorite keyboard for most people. It's relatively quiet (for a mechanical keyboard), comes with a NumPad, and has RGB lighting, but you can turn it off if you prefer.
  • Logitech G203 Wired Mouse for $28 ($12 off): This is in our Best Mouse guide, and it is our pick for the best under $50. Don't let its low price fool you—it can compete with higher-priced models in sensitivity, and you get six buttons.
  • Aukey FHD Webcam for $28 ($32 off): It's not our favorite webcam, but it's one of the only ones consistently in stock, and it's affordable. It reliably sits on top of a monitor.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 and 27-Inch M5 Smart Monitor for $620 ($100 off): If you already had any interest in getting an Android tablet, you can save $100 on Samsung's new smart monitor if you buy them together. The tablet is rugged, so it's meant for a more active environment, and the monitor has a TV interface for when you're done with work. An option will come up to add the monitor once you add the Galaxy Tab to your cart.
  • CubeFit Terramat for $100 ($5 off with coupon): It's not a huge discount, but an anti-fatigue mat like this can make standing at a desk more comfortable. There are built-in ridges and bumps that help stimulate and massage your feet, plus a balance bar to work your core and wedges positioned to stretch your calves. Click the on-page coupon to see the discount.

Work From Home Accessory Deals

Loungewear Deals

Working from home means you don't need to dress up. Wear a robe! Or sweatpants and a hoodie. You may as well be comfy and cozy. Our Best Loungewear guide has more options.

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