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Away's Suitcases and Carry-On Bags Are on Sale Now

You still can’t just hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world, but things are looking up as more and more people get vaccinated. Just know that travel is not going to look the same—masks are likely here to stay, you'll have to navigate travel restrictions, and vaccine passports will become requirements. Still, if you want to start feeling like a nomad again, travel-brand Away is having a big sale on its luggage.    

We’re fans of Away’s bags here at WIRED. We've tested and liked them on trips to CES in Las Vegas (in the Before Times), and the company's aluminum Bigger Carry-On—that is, one sized for US airline carry-on regulations but not most international airlines—is my favorite ultra-luxurious hard-side suitcase and is in our guide to the Best Travel Bags.

The sale runs through March 30 (online and at brick-and-mortar stores), and we've highlighted our favorite deals below. We've also included options from other brands we like. 

It's important to note that Away came under fire some time ago for cultivating a toxic work environment. The company said it was taking steps to change its culture. There have been changes to management since

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Away Luggage Deals

Away's bags are well built, with wheels that roll and spin smoothly and telescoping handles that don't get stuck. These seem like minor things until you own a bag that's built like a rat trap and rattles down airport corridors, with zippers that fight every time you pull. 

  • The Bigger Carry-On Aluminum Edition for $346 ($149 off): If you like gold, this bag will satisfy (and maybe draw unwanted attention). You may as well get the version with the built-in battery bank to charge your devices, since it costs the same as the version without it.
  • The Bigger Carry-On With a Leather Pocket for $241 ($104 off): Gold and aluminum a bit too much? There's also the standard polycarbonate hard-side case, except this model comes with a fancy leather exterior pocket for storing passports and the like, even a laptop.
  • The Expandable Bigger Carry-On for $171 ($74 off): Don't like hard-side luggage? Away also makes soft-side bags, and this one is expandable. That's particularly helpful if you frequently pack more or if you know you'll be bringing back a lot of souvenirs.
  • The Medium for $192 ($83): Need something bigger? You'll need to check this bag at the airport, but it can hold 69 liters of cargo, which is enough for long trips lasting more than a week.
  • The Large for $206 ($89 off): Packing for two? The Large holds 99 liters and should be plenty. Like all of Away's rolling suitcases, these have four spinning wheels. Spinners, as these types of bags are called, are especially useful for large bags like this.

Deals on Other Great Bags

A few other bags we like are also on sale. For more recommendations, read our Best Travel Bags guide.

  • Eagle Creek Gear Warrior for $125 ($124 off): The Gear Warrior combines a duffel bag's ability to be crammed into tight spaces with a rigid frame on the back and bottom to keep it from flopping around as you wheel it through the airport. It's lightweight at under 5 pounds, which is a perk on international airlines with strict carry-on weight limits.
  • Travelpro Maxlite 5 for $120 ($20 off): The Maxlite 5 isn't the sturdiest bag on the market, but it is one of the sturdiest cheap bags. Its 90-degree carry handle is awkward, but Travelpro's zippers and wheels are solid and give the whole package an advantage over other similarly priced models.
  • Travelpro Crew Versapack for $173 ($67 off): Here's another favorite. The Crew Versapack is a high-quality, tough bag with excellent interior storage that separates dirty laundry and toiletries from the rest of your clothes, not to mention there's a padded exterior laptop pocket. This is the two-wheeled roll-aboard version, which I recommend over four-wheeled spinners for carry-ons. You get more interior room and more robust wheels.

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