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15 Best Weekend Deals on TVs, Smart Speakers, and PC Gear

relax. tune out. Make your home work for itself for a change. The weather may be warming up and bars and restaurants slowly reopening, but this is a take-it-easy, ease-into-spring weekend with no pressure to pick right up where 2019 left off. From TVs to smart speakers, our favorite weekend deals can help you chill. 

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TV and Entertainment Deals

Check out our Best TVs and Best Soundbars guides for more recommendations.

Home and Miscellaneous Deals

Read our Best Smart Speakers and Best Smart Plugs guides for other picks. 

  • SimpliSafe Protect Home Security System for $220 ($30 off): I (Matt Jancer) am a big fan of how easy and quick this security system was to set up in my New York City apartment. There are no wires to deal with, since everything runs on replaceable batteries, and the app makes changing settings a snap. You can buy separate sensors to build out the system too.
  • Google Nest Audio for $80 ($20 off): WIRED audio specialist Parker Hall really likes Google's latest smart speaker. The bass is clear and strong, and you can pair two for stereo sound that's tough to beat for the price. At $20 off, we like it even more.
  • Google Nest Thermostat for $100 ($30 off): If you've got central AC or heating, or both, a Nest Thermostat can help you save money on your utility bill by being smarter about ramping up heating or cooling, and when to slow it all down. Check with your energy company for additional incentives, such as rebates.
  • Aura Mason Digital Picture Frame for $180 ($20 off): WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano is a big fan of digital photo frames. Using the app, you can send photographs to the Mason over Wi-Fi and share them with family and friends around the world. It's got an 8.75-inch LCD screen that looks wonderful, and it makes for a great gift. (Mother's Day is coming up!)
  • Kasa Smart Plug Two-Pack for $15 ($5 off): These are in our Best Smart Plugs guide. You can use them with the Kasa app to set timers and schedules for your lamps, TVs, or other electronics, and group things together or run them separately. They can even connect to Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Pax 3 Vaporizer for $160 ($40 off): The Pax 3 works with either oil or loose-leaf weed. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge, but you should get 8 to 10 sessions out of it before recharging. The Pax Era Pro is also on sale for $56 ($14 off). It only works with oil, and the battery lasts for 250 puffs and takes only 45 minutes to recharge. It'll also remember your preferred temperature and dose settings. These deals run through—you guessed it—4/20.
  • SKG F5 Heated Massage Gun for $77 ($52 off): Use promo code SKG40SKG at checkout. You can read more about this massage gun here. It's an excellent tool to soothe your muscles, and at this price it's a great deal.

Computer Deals

Our Best Gaming Mice, Best Keyboards, and Best Webcams guides have a ton of our other favorite picks.  

  • Razer Kiyo for $85 ($15 off): This is my (Matt) favorite webcam, and I think it's the best for most people too. It has a built-in ring light and offers great image quality. You can choose 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 fps.
  • Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse for $115 ($15 off): Wireless mice have come a long way. The G Pro has a 1-millisecond response time, and you won't notice a difference from a corded mouse. A good gaming mouse like this is a good buy even if you don't game.
  • Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $100 ($30 off): A mechanical keyboard will change your typing experience. The key's switches are more satisfying to type on than laptop keyboards, and some people make fewer errors on a keyboard that isn't so flat. This one has clicky blue key switches, which are less ideal for twitch-based games like first-person shooters, but perfect for strategy games, RPGs, and regular old typing.
  • Samsung T7 1-TB External Solid-State Drive for $150 ($20 off): Back up your files regularly. Recovering original files from a corrupted computer drive or water damage is very expensive and not always possible. Solid-state drives are reliable, small, and very fast, and 1 terabyte of space is likely more than enough for most.

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