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48 Awesome Prime Day Deals for $50 or Less

Our final update: Prime Day has ended. If you're sale hunting, we've collected the best Prime Day deals still available (as of June 23). As always, we hope we helped you sift through the sales madness and find great products. Check our Buying Guides for the latest recommendations.

Amazon Prime Day can be overwhelming if you don't have a few products in mind you've been waiting to shop for. To help you avoid a large bill and a bunch of things you don't really need, we've compiled our favorite Prime Day deals under $50.

Note: We regularly update articles and strike through items that sell out or rise in price as of publishing, and we calculate discounts based on recent product pricing or average price, not MSRP. Be sure to check discounts for yourself. Our picks come from research and our extensive experience reviewing products. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get most of these deals.

WIRED's Prime Day Stories

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more.

Tech Accessory Deals

Need a new iPhone 12 case? Or a Pixel case? We've rounded up our favorites in our Best iPhone 12 Cases and Accessories and Best Pixel guides

★ Totallee Clear iPhone 12 Case for $23 ($16 off)—Enter LVQ6Q52Y at Checkout

Use code LVQ6Q52Y at checkout to see the discount. These are some of the thinnest cases around, so if you value a slim form for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro over the best protection, this is your solution. (It is not MagSafe compatible, but the iPhone will still do a decent job of sticking to MagSafe accessories.) All of Totallee's cases are 40 percent off if you use the same code, so you can get the same slim protection for iPhones, Pixel phones, and Samsung phones.

Spigen Mag Armor iPhone 12 Case for $16 ($5 off)

Spigen makes affordable yet well-built cases, and these are some of your cheapest options if you want a MagSafe case. That is, there is a ring of magnets on the inner lining of the case. It will let you use the iPhone 12 range's new magnetic accessory system to attach various items to the back of the phone, like wallets, chargers, camera mounts, PopSockets, and more. This case will also fit the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Pro Max version is also on sale.

Sonix MagSafe Adjustable Cell Phone Desk Stand Pedestal for $22 ($8 off)

If you have an iPhone from the latest range (iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, or 12 Mini), you can magnetically attach it to this mount and elevate your iPhone on your desk or nightstand. It'll look like it's floating! We really like it, though the base could stand to be heavier. Even better, if you buy Sonix's MagSafe wireless charger (also on sale for $24 [$6 off]), you can attach it to the back and charge your iPhone while it's mounted. Truly, a wire-free experience. 

★ Google Pixel Wireless Charger for $40 ($39 off)

This wireless charger will work fine for any phone that supports wireless charging, but it's an especially good option if you have a Pixel phone with wireless charging (not all Pixels have it). It's our favorite wireless charger for nightstands (seriously). Plop your phone on it and you'll be treated to an interface that resembles a smart display. You can have it cycle through your favorite albums from Google Photos, get easy access to Google Assistant, and have your phone screen brighten up in a warm tone right before your alarm goes off to slowly pull you out of sleep.  

★ Native Union Dock Wireless Charger for $49 ($21 off)

This is our favorite wireless charging stand. The fabric material and color options make it one of the prettiest chargers around, important if you're going for an aesthetic. The steel base doesn't let it slide around when you put your phone on it, and it can charge your phone in landscape or portrait orientation. It emits a faint glow on the back when it's charging, but I never found it distracting. 

Lume Cube Panel Mini LED for $47 ($13 off)

If the built-in webcam in your laptop is struggling to expose your face, adding more light might be the best solution. The Panel Mini is a credit-card-sized LED video light. Just turn it on, point it at your face, and you'll see a big difference in the quality of your video feed. You can adjust color temperature and brightness, and it can be mounted to a DSLR too. The only downside is the battery life; don't expect it to run for more than two hours.   

PopSockets PopGrip for $10 ($5 off)

Phone too big? If it's constantly fumbling out of your hands, try using a PopSocket grip. It attaches to the rear, and then you pop the grip out of the socket. It makes it easier to hold and use your large-screen phone with one hand. It's one of the best gadgets under $20.

Yubico FIDO NFC Security Key for $12 ($13 off)

Use this security key in conjunction with two-factor authentication to keep your privacy intact. You can plug it in the USB-A port of your computer and tap the key to authorize a login attempt. It also has NFC and can work with your phone to authenticate. It's compatible with lots of programs, but not all of them; check out our Yubikey guide for more details.

Kitchen and Home Deals

Looking for more of our recommendations for your kitchen or home? Read our guides to the Essential Pans for Your Kitchen, Best Chef's Knives, and Best Couches for more. 

★ Stasher Reusable Half-Gallon Storage Bags for $15 ($7 off)

The WIRED staff loves Stasher bags. They're better for the environment than single-use ziplock bags, and they're dishwasher-friendly. You can also get the sandwich size for $8 ($4 off) and the snack bag for $7 ($3 off).

★ Colgate Hum Electric Toothbrush for $20 ($29 off)—Click the Coupon, Plus a Discount at Checkout

You'll see the full discount at checkout. The Hum (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top electric toothbrush, and it's a steal at this price. It's lightweight, plus it connects to a companion app that gives you insights into your brushing habits and can even show the spots you regularly miss. (You don't need to open the app to have it start tracking.) This is the version that takes two AAA batteries, but the rechargeable model is also on sale. It comes with two refill heads, and a subscription to get more replacement heads will set you back $5 every three months.

Instant Pot 3-Quart Duo Nova for $50 ($30 off)

If you don't have a big family to cook for, this 3-quart pressure cooker might be a good bet. Instant Pots make cooking easy, as you can use them for pressure cooking as well as slow cooking, plus sautéing, steaming, or even for making yogurt.

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker for $50 ($29 off) at Target

We prefer other types of coffee makers because they taste better and are less wasteful than single-use pods (even if they're recyclable). But Keurigs are convenient, especially if you're only drinking one cup a day. This one is small too, so it won't take up your entire counter. If it's not your speed, then check out our roundup of the Best Prime Day Deals on Coffee Makers and Other Gear.

★ Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker for $12 ($6 off)

Want cold brews instead? This Primula is our favorite cold-brew coffee maker. Drop coarse grounds into the mesh basket, snap it in place, and pour water through. Then, put it in the fridge, wait a full 24 hours, and voilà! You'll have smooth-tasting coffee that's not too bitter for the morning. You can find more coffee-related Prime Day deals here.

Flamin' Hot Cheeto Mini Bag 40-Pack for $13 ($5 off)—Discount at Checkout

You'll see the full discount at checkout. These crunchy, spicy snacks are addictive, and this is the cheapest they've been in years. This deal was also available on Prime Day last year, and it was the only thing that I (Louryn) bought. The smaller bags are more wasteful, but they do prevent the chips from going stale, and they're perfectly sized for a bedtime snack. This deal is ridiculous, but show us leniency. We're hungry.

SodaStream Fizzi for $50 ($36 off)

If you drink a ton of sparkling water, you may just want to start making your own. You'll save money in the long run and won't waste as much plastic. The Fizzi doesn't need electricity to work, so you can use it anywhere, even camping. 

FridaBaby Baby Basics Kit for $24 ($11 off)

If you or someone you know is about to have a baby, this is a nice kit to keep you stocked on some essentials. It includes a Snotsucker, little nail clippers and file, five tubes to help relieve gas, a silicone baby brush, and four hygiene filters.

★ Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer for $35 ($10 off)—Clip the Coupon

Clip the coupon on the page to see the discount at checkout. This is our favorite blow-dry brush in our Best Hair Dryers guide. You can give yourself an at-home blow-out with this one tool, and it'll only take minutes. It won't work on all hair textures, so you may still need a flat iron to smooth out your hair.

Waterpik Water Flosser for $40 ($30 off)

Water flossers are more environmentally friendly than disposable floss, and the price for this model has only dipped this low once before. The irrigation system and different tips help ensure that the spaces between your teeth get thoroughly cleaned.

Lego Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter for $19 ($11 off)){: rel="sponsored" isAffiliateLink="true"}

A lot of Legos are on sale, so it's hard to pick just one. This set is currently $5 cheaper than the lowest price it's ever been and will appeal to any Star Wars fan.

Tekjoy Acrylic Window Bird Feeder for $18 ($12 off)

Everyone should get a bird feeder. Getting to see your neighborhood critters up close is an absolute treat. We haven't tried this particular feeder, but I (Medea) have used several with this type of design and they hold up pretty well. Just clean it often and check that the suction cups are secure.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug for $17 ($9 off)

This is perennially one of our favorite travel mugs. It has a cult following because these mugs keep drinks hot. Like hot hot. So you can pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea before you leave for work in the morning and it'll still be hot when you get to the office. (Remember commutes?) We recommend letting it cool a bit before sealing it.

Bed Head Curls in Check Hair Dryer for $23 ($12 off)—Clip the Coupon

Clip the coupon to see the discount at checkout. It's cheap, and it works nicely to dry curls without disrupting their pattern. At 4 inches wide, the mouth of the dryer is larger than any other I've seen, but it's still slim and light. That said, reviewer Medea Giordano wishes there were a medium speed setting, because the low setting is too low, and high can cause frizz on some hair—even with the diffuser. Shipping is temporarily delayed, but you can still get the deal price.

Smart Home Deals

These deals are great if you want to create a smart home, whether that's by controlling lights, door locks, and robot cameras with your voice, or by having an easy way to stream your favorite shows. See our guides on our top smart speakers, smart displays, and streaming devices for more.

Echo Dot Kids Edition for $35 ($25 off)

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is almost the same as the standard 4th-gen Echo Dot, except it comes with some parental controls and a kid-friendly design. This deal also includes a year of Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) content. After the first year, Amazon Kids+ is $3 per month, so make a note on your calendar if you plan to cancel. You can get it in a panda design too.

★ Roku Streaming Stick Plus for $39 ($11 off)

This isn't an unusual deal, but the Streaming Stick Plus is still our favorite streaming device for most people. If you're not happy with your current streaming setup, you'll probably like this.

Fire TV Stick 4K for $25 ($25 off)

We prefer Roku overall, but this Fire Stick 4K is much improved from older models. You can watch all your favorite services (besides Vudu), but the menus are, unsurprisingly, geared heavily toward Amazon's Prime content.

★ Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet for $45 ($45 off)

We think the Fire HD 8 is one of the best values for a tablet at its typical $90 price, so this is a no-brainer. It's portable but still has a nice enough screen to comfortably watch movies. There are better tablets out there if your budget is larger. 

Tile Performance 2-Pack for $42 ($18 off)

What's a smart home worth if you still can't find your keys or the remote? Even with Apple's recent AirTag launch, Tile is still one of our favorite ways to find all your stuff. This two-pack comes with both a Pro and a Slim tile. The Pro attaches to your keys and the Slim slides in your wallet, making it a perfect one-two combo.

★ Echo Dot With Clock Plus Free Sengled Color Smart Bulb for $55 ($5 off)

WIRED reviewer Parker Hall calls the Dot "the greatest alarm clock ever." You can easily check the time in the middle of the night, thanks to the forward-facing clock, and it can wake you up to your favorite seasonal playlists. The models without a clock are still useful, especially if you want to add Alexa to more rooms in your house without spending a fortune. Prime members also get a free Sengled color smart light bulb, which can be controlled through Bluetooth.

Pet Deals

We haven't tried all of these particular pet products, but they come from well-known brands with high ratings. For our top picks, see our guides on cat and dog supplies and accessories, and read our tips for recently adopted pets.

★ Eufy 2K Pan and Tilt Camera for $36 ($16 off)

This is one of the best security cameras for pet owners. You can use your smartphone to rotate the camera while you're away from home, and the gadget also has built-in pet commands that can detect activity and automatically tell your cat to stop surfing the counters in your stead. (Getting your cat to listen is another matter entirely.) Just be aware that the company recently admitted it had a glitch that briefly allowed feeds to be seen by anyone (it has been patched).

Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera for $37 ($13) off)

This camera has frequently dipped to $40, so this isn't a huge discount. Still, it's an affordable way of monitoring your pet, whether you're working in the other room or away from home. It has 1,080p video quality, can be mounted via magnets, and has night vision so you can see what they're up to in the dark. You can also talk to them through the camera if they're anxious. 

A High-Walled Cuddler Bed for $16 ($4 off) at Target—Discount at Checkout 

This discount is applied at checkout. I'm a fan of Boots & Barkley products generally, and this bed is plush for comfy napping. The muted, stylish color scheme is also much better-looking than many other pet beds. 

Sun Squad Surf Shop 2-Story Cat Scratch House for $16 ($4 off) at Target—Discount at Checkout

This discount is applied at checkout. Target's cat scratch houses are ridiculously cute and often make the rounds on TikTok. This Surf Shop design is a perfect summertime addition for any felines (and owners!) who like to hang ten.

Amazon Basics Tall Cat Scratching Post for $32 ($14 off)

If you prefer a more conventional-looking scratching post—or just need to pepper your house with posts to protect your furniture—this Amazon Basics one is nearly 3 feet tall. That's a lot of space for your kitty to climb.

Amazon Basics 35-Inch Plush Dog Pet Bed Pad for $16 ($7 off)

Big dogs may prefer this soft pad over a walled-in bed so they can really stretch out. This one is machine washable.

Amazon Basics Cuddler Bolster Pet Bed for $27 ($11 off)

This bed should suit cats and smaller dogs, as it has several sizes and a nice plushy interior. It also has a few different fabric and color options.

Gaming and Headphone Deals

Be sure to check out our guides on gaming keyboards, headsets, and mice, plus our favorite wireless headphones for more recommendations.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard for $38 ($10 off)

The Razer Cynosa is another excellent entry-level gaming keyboard. It feels great to type on in everyday use, and it looks slick in any desktop setup. It features Razer’s signature Chroma lighting, so you can sync it up with other Razer peripherals with ease.

Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse for $28 ($12 off)

Wireless mice are no longer necessarily slower than wired mice. Logitech's Lightspeed wireless connection has a response rate of only one millisecond, so lag during even the fastest-paced games won't be a concern. This is the mouse used by both WIRED reviewer Matt Jancer—its ergonomic shape helped eliminate his wrist pain—and WIRED games writer Cecilia D'Anastasio.

Game of Life Board Game for $14 ($6 off) at Target

Still getting used to the idea of going outside and regaining your old life after a year of lockdown? Give it a practice run with the Game of Life before you go do everything for real. If only there were a giant spinner to help us make big life decisions in real life.

★ HyperX Pulsefire Surge Gaming Mouse for $33 ($12 off)

The Pulsefire Surge has been one of our favorite gaming mice for a while now. It’s straightforward, unassuming, does everything you need a wired gaming mouse to do, and doesn’t bog you down with too many buttons. Plus, it has lights.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse for $20 ($10 off)

The DeathAdder Essential has a spooky name, but it’s a very friendly and approachable little mouse. It’s another straightforward take on a gaming mouse—no frills, just reliable performance all around.

Cyberpunk 2077—a Flawed Game—for $20 ($30 off) at Walmart

Who would've thought one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2020 would already be on sale for a mere $20? The developer's older title, The Witcher 3, is actually more expensive. Cyberpunk was plagued with bugs and, well, a bad story, but if you're interested in seeing what the world is like, it may be worth picking up at this price.

Razer Basilisk V2 Corded Gaming Mouse for $38 ($30 off)

If none of the other mice are calling to you, this is another nicely priced option. We typically see this for $68, but it's been around $50 for a while, so this is the best price we've seen as of late.

Animal Crossing Controller for the Nintendo Switch for $17 ($8 off)—Discount at Checkout

This discount is applied at checkout. We're still obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons' aesthetic. If you are too, this deal is worth checking out. The wired Nintendo Switch controller is comfortable, which is important when you're wandering around a virtual island for 12 hours at a time. It hasn't sold for less. And look how cute it is!

Sid Meier's Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch for $10 ($10 off)

This turn-based strategy game is so, so fun. The learning curve is basically a straight upwards line, but if the idea of playing a world leader, outmaneuvering your opponents, constructing world wonders, and managing resources over the course of many hours sounds like a good time, it'll be right up your alley. This price is a steal.

★ SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset for $35 ($15 off)

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 are our favorite headphones for under $50, and this deal makes them even more worthwhile. This will work with the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, Switch, PC, and your phone. They're well built and comfortable, plus the mic is removable.  

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Gaming Headset for $25 ($15 off)

Gaming headsets don’t have to be big, bulky, and expensive. The Cloud Stinger Core proves that. We've seen it at this discounted price a couple of times prior to Prime Day, but it's still a solid deal. It provides rich, atmospheric sound and comes with an adjustable mic for clear comms when you’re coordinating with your teammates half a world away. 

Logitech G G432 Gaming Headset for $38 ($12 off)

Despite Amazon's misleading sticker price of $80, this headset hasn't risen past $50 for months. Still, $40 is one of the best deals we've seen from a reliable brand.

Jabra Elite 45h Wireless Headphones for $48 ($52 off)

The 45h are our favorite headphones under $100. They're often discounted, but this is still the cheapest we've tracked in the last few months.

Outdoor Deals

We're finally able to plan normal summer vacations again, and for you, that might include camping or road trips. Our Best Camping Gear guide has more options. Staying home? We have a how-to on making your backyard more fun.

LifeStraw 2-Pack for $20 ($20 off)

The LifeStraw is a WIRED reader favorite. It's good to stow away in your emergency supplies kit because it filters over 99.99 percent of bacteria (including E. coli, Salmonella), parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), and microplastics for up to 1,000 gallons of water, not to mention sand, dirt, and other impurities. You get two of them with this deal.

Delta Cycles Leonardo da Vinci Bicycle Storage Hook for $11 ($16 off)

Bicycles can be a storage nightmare, especially if you have to store yours indoors. Whether you have a garage or it lives in your living room, get your bike up on the wall and free up some floor space. The Leonardo da Vinci hook stores your bike vertically and comes with two wall protector pieces that keep your tires from marking up the walls' paint.

ExOfficio Give-n-Go Synthetic Boxer Briefs for $36 ($16 off)

WIRED writer Matt Jancer swears by these boxers for hikes and climbs. The material is made to be breathable and moisture-wicking, so you can sweat it up outdoors without feeling gross when there may not be access to a shower. These aren't an outstanding deal right now—if you time it right, you can often find them for a little under $40 on sale—but even at this price, they'll make your hot weather hikes a lot more pleasant. The two-pack of women's briefs are on sale for $20 ($8 off), which is a better deal.

Contigo AutoSeal West Loop Insulated Tumbler 2-pack for $20 ($12 off)

These vessels are handy to have around, and the price is right—they haven't been this cheap since last November. The lid automatically seals itself when you aren't pushing in the big Coffee Now button, and each tumbler can keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for up to five. 

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cube Set for $24 ($16 off) at REI

Eagle Creek made some of the absolute best packing cubes, perfect for chronic over-packers. Unfortunately, the company is closing down. If you travel frequently and don't own these yet (or you just want a backup set), get 'em while you still can. 

Coleman 2-Person Sundome Tent for $41 ($2 off)

A good tent is essential for a camping trip, whether you're planning a single night away or several. This is a pretty good price on a popular tent that can fit two people. It supposedly can be set up in just 10 minutes, and several Amazon reviews praise the excellent waterproofing. 

Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition Game for $14 ($17 off)

This game, also known as “yeet the bureet” in some WIRED staffer circles, is obnoxiously fun. It's a hybrid of dodgeball and cards. The Extreme Outdoor version takes the original game and scales it up for the backyard. If you've ever wanted to chuck a gigantic, inflatable burrito at your friends or family members, look no further.

Coleman 65-Quart Wheeled Ice Chest for $45 ($20 off)

For being such a simple item, coolers can get pricey, so we're glad to see a nice-sized one on sale. You could put this in the trunk for road trips, bring it to the beach, take it to games or other tailgating events, and have it handy for backyard barbecues. 

Coleman Twin LED Lantern for $32 ($18 off)

Coleman is a big name in outdoor products. These are the lanterns of all my childhood camping trips, and I'm not sure the design has changed since then—that's a good thing. Even if you're not planning on camping this summer, it's not the worst idea to have a few lanterns around for emergencies when the power goes out.

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