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19 Best Prime Day Deals on Amazon Devices 2021: Kindle, Echo, Fire (Day 2)

Our final update: Prime Day has ended. If you're sale hunting, we've collected the best Prime Day deals still available (as of June 23). As always, we hope we helped you sift through the sales madness and find great products. Check our Buying Guides for the latest recommendations.

Fire Tablets and Echo speakers are some of the cheapest personal tech devices around. They're built to be affordable, and some of them are especially cheap for Prime Day. Kindles are a different story. They're more expensive and go on sale less often. We've compiled every decent Prime Day deal on the Amazon-branded devices we've tested (and like!). Amazon has a Device Deals page with many of its best deals, but we have the top picks organized below. 

Note: We regularly update articles and strike through items that sell out or rise in price as of publishing, and mark discounts based on recent product pricing or average price, not MSRP. Be sure to check discounts for yourself. Our picks come from research and our extensive experience reviewing products. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get most of these deals.

WIRED's Prime Day Stories

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Kindle Deals

Amazon's Kindle pretty much owns the ebook market, and for good reason. The companies book readers offer more than a month of battery life per charge, the ability to hold thousands of titles, and unlimited book subscriptions. You can even get free books from your local library. Check out our guide to the Best Amazon Kindle.

★ Basic Kindle With Light for $55 ($35 off)

The basic Kindle remains a solid offering, and the latest model includes a backlight for the 6-inch E Ink touchscreen, meaning you can read in the dark. It's our favorite Kindle for the money. This is the best price we've seen on the Kindle this year. It comes with three free months of Kindle Unlimited, which gives you access to a massive library of ebooks. After the three months is up, Kindle Unlimited is $10 per month.

Kindle Paperwhite—Waterproof—for $80 ($50 off)

The Paperwhite's waterproofing makes it a Kindle upgrade worth considering. For a couple extra Jacksons over the plain Kindle, it opens up the joys of reading in the pool, beach, and bathtub without fear. The display is flush, and the device is rated IPX8, meaning it can sit in 2 meters of water for two hours. Read more about its features here.

Kindle Kids Edition for $65 ($45 off)

The Kindle Kid's Edition is the basic Kindle with some parental controls and—more importantly—Amazon's 2-year worry-free guarantee. That means should your Kids Edition Kindle go crashing down the stairs because your child decided to see if it would bounce like a slinky, Amazon will replace it.

Kindle Oasis—Luxury Version—for $185 ($65 off)

The Oasis is the bougie Kindle. The processor is faster for smoother page turns, it's easier to hold with one hand and the screen automatically adjusts the brightness. This version also comes with 32 gigabytes of storage, which is enough to hold tens of thousands of books.

Echo Speaker Deals

Read our Best Echo & Alexa Speakers guide for recommendations on which Amazon Echoes we think are worth your money. The short version is the Plus for music, the Dot for Voice, and the Show for a screen. Our Best Smart Speakers guide has more options if you're still deciding which to buy.

Echo Show 8 for $95 ($35 off)

The latest 8-inch Echo Show is sleek and stylish. We like this size more than the 5-inch and 10-inch versions. It's big enough that weather updates and video chats, and recipes show up clearly, yet it's compact enough that it doesn't take up too much valuable real estate on your desk or kitchen countertop.

If you want a Google Assistant-powered alternative, we like the 2nd-gen Google Nest Hub, which is currently on sale for $80 ($20 off) at Walmart.

Echo Show 10 for $190 ($60 off)

The Echo Show 10 has a screen that swivels to follow you as you wander around the room. This feature takes a bit of setup—you put it where you want it and then the Echo chooses its range of motion—but it works well on calls and when trying to check how much time is left on a kitchen timer. The base for the screen houses the good-sounding speakers, which offer a fairly substantial soundstage, akin to a standard Echo.

★ Standard Echo Speaker—Larger Than Dot—for $60 ($20 off)

The standard Echo is one of the best smart speakers and the best Alexa speaker (8/10, WIRED Recommends). If you don't want a screen and camera staring at you, but do want higher quality sound than a tiny Echo Dot, the standard Echo is worth a listen. It has alternated between $80 and $100 since its debut last year. This week's price is $10 cheaper than its lowest sale price.

Google's Assistant-powered version of this Echo speaker, the Nest Audio, is on sale for $75 (25 off) at Walmart. We think Google Assistant delivers better results most of the time.

Echo Dot for $25 ($25 off)

The Echo Dot is one of the cheapest ways to spread Alexa through your house, if that's your thing. It's also a pretty darn good speaker, especially at this price.

Echo Dot Kids Edition for $35 ($20 off)

The kids edition Echo Dot offers some parental controls and kid-friendly designs—Gear Team editor Adrienne So says it's incredibly cute and has surprisingly great sound. This deal also includes a year of Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) content. After the first year, Amazon Kids+ is $3 per month, so make a note on your calendar if you plan to cancel.

Echo Dot With Clock for $35 ($20 off)

WIRED Gear team audio expert Parker Hall calls the Dot "the greatest alarm clock ever." You can easily check the time in the middle of the night, thanks to the forward-facing clock, and it can wake you up to your favorite seasonal playlists. The models without a clock are still useful, especially if you want to add Alexa to more rooms in your house without spending a fortune.

Echo Buds for $80 ($40 off)

The Echo Buds (8/10, WIRED Recommends) offer good sound and have great app and Alexa integration. The noise-canceling isn't quite on par with what you'll get in Apple and Samsung earbuds, but it's good enough for blocking out most ambient sounds. The buds come with a charging case and plenty of eartips and earfin sizes to ensure a good fit.

Fire Tablet Deals

Amazon's tablets are so cheap it's almost suspicious. We do have some reservations about the tablets' software, but overall they're worth it. Be sure to check out our updated guide to deciphering which Amazon Fire tablet is best for you.

Fire HD 8 for $45 ($45 off)

While the HD 10 is nicer, the Fire HD 8 is a very capable tablet for the price. The Plus model, with extra RAM (3 gigabytes instead of 2), is recommended, and its on sale for $65 ($45 off).

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet for $70 ($70 off)

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is our top pick for kids under 7. It's small enough for younger hands, and it's padded so it won't likely break when they drop it. You also get a no-questions-asked, two-year replacement plan.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Edition Tablet for $120 ($80 off)

If you've got older kids (about 8 and up), the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Edition has a less bulky case and more app options. It still has plenty of parental controls in the settings.

★ Fire HD 10 for $80 ($70 off)

Amazon revamped its Fire HD 10 earlier this year with more RAM and a brighter screen, reaffirming it as a more capable tablet than the 8-inch version. It’s our favorite cheap tablet and the best Amazon tablet you can buy, with speedier performance, more storage, and a 10-inch HD screen that looks much nicer. The Plus model with an extra gigabyte of RAM is also on sale for $110 ($70 off), and the new productivity bundle is $180 ($100 off). This one includes a keyboard, along with software tailored for work, making the Fire HD 10 a more capable device—so long as you don't use Google's office suite, which won't run on Amazon hardware.

Fire TV Deals

Amazon's Fire TV platform is great if you subscribe to Amazon Prime or buy Amazon Instant Videos. It emphasizes Amazon content above Netflix and other providers, but it has most of the major streaming apps. With Google and Amazon done feuding, you can once again get YouTube on FireTV. At these Prime Day deal prices, even the Fire TV Cube is mighty appealing.

Fire TV Stick 4K—All TVs—for $25 ($25 off)

The Fire Stick 4K is the best of Amazon's Fire TV devices. All things considered, we prefer Roku devices for streaming, but if you're a heavy Prime Video user or have a 4K screen, this works great. Much like the Fire tablets, the interface is subpar, but you'll get used to it.

Fire TV Stick HD—Older TVs—for $23 ($17 off)

We encourage you to just buy the Fire Stick with 4K, but if you do not own a 4K TV and want to save that extra $10, knock yourself out.

Other Amazon Device DealsAmazon Halo Band for $70 ($30 off)

The Amazon Halo isn't a useful fitness tracker, but it does something no other device we've tested will do: track your emotions. WIRED associate editor Adrienne So wore it for a month and found the emotion-tracking feature to be interesting and ultimately helpful. At the same time, should any company, let alone Amazon, normalize the process of full-body strip-down scans for its customers? This is a good price, but this first version of the device still feels unfinished. Read the review first so you know what you're getting into with this one.

Eero 6 Wi-Fi Mesh Router With Two Extenders for $181 ($98 off)

The Eero is the mesh router Apple would have made if it had bothered. This deal features a base station and two smaller extenders, which will provide more than enough wireless signal coverage for most homes. Eero's app has some nice features like the ability to pause the internet on particular devices. At this price, our major complaint about the Eero—that it's expensive for a router—is solved.

Eero 6 Wi-Fi Mesh Router for $83 ($46 off)

If you don't need the extenders (like if you live in a small apartment) this is the same base unit as above. It should cover about 1,500 square feet, though coverage will vary with the layout of the rooms and even the construction materials of your home.

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