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Nomad Is Having a Sitewide Summer Sale on Phone Gear

Love all things leather? Then you'll want to check out Nomad's Summer Vibes Sale, which runs through July 25. The accessory-maker is offering 30 percent off all full-priced Nomad products if you use the promotional code SUMMER30 at checkout. We've tested several of these accessories for personal technology devices, including phone cases, cables, wallets, and wireless chargers. These are our favorites.

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Nomad CasesiPhone 12 Rugged Case With Magsafe for $42 ($18 off)

Most of the leather Nomad uses comes from an esteemed Chicago-based tannery named Horween. I have a case crafted from this leather wrapped around my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The material feels soft and develops a nice patina over time. It offers decent protection too. The case's polycarbonate body has a thermoplastic elastomer bumper around the sides, and the front edges are slightly raised to prevent your screen from touching your desk when you place your phone face down. The inside of the case is lined with protective microfiber, and the case is embedded with an array of magnets, so you can use it with any MagSafe accessories.

Don't have an iPhone 12? Nomad still sells these cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the Google Pixel 4

AirPods Pro Rugged Case for $25 ($10 off)

I've had this rugged case protecting my AirPods Pro for more than a year, and it's still in excellent condition. The leather feels so much nicer than Apple's glossy case. Wireless charging still works, and you can still press the button on the rear to reset the Bluetooth connectivity without needing to remove the case. There's even a hole for the LED light to shine through.  

Nomad also sells a similar case for the standard AirPods, and Google's new Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbuds, which we recently reviewed.

iPad Pro/iPad Air Folio Case for $105 ($45 off)

We liked this case enough to include it in our Best iPad Accessories guide. It has front and back leather protection for your slate, and it keeps the edges covered. It doesn't block the space for the Apple Pencil. Since it's a folio, you can use it as a kickstand to prop up the iPad. It's available for the current-gen iPad Air, the 3rd- and 4th-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the 1st- and 2nd-gen 11-inch iPad Pro. (In short, it's only compatible with the previous two iPad Pro devices, not 2021 models.) 

If you don't want a folio case but just rear protection, snag the Rugged Case instead

Nomad Wireless Chargers and CablesBase Station Pro for $140 ($60 off)

Of the many wireless chargers I've tested, Nomad's Base Station Pro is the one that remains on my work desk. It uses relatively new technology from a company called Aira that allows you to wirelessly charge a device anywhere on the surface—you don't need to put it down on a very specific spot or worry that the slightest misalignment will stop your device from charging. True convenience! (You can read more about this tech here.) This pad can charge around three devices, such as two phones and a wireless earbuds case, and it looks very, very elegant with its leather top. Just a note: I've charged dozens of phones on this thing, but the only phones that seem to have trouble are Google Pixel devices. If you have one, snag something else, like the charger below.

Base Station Mini for $42 ($18 off)

I'll be adding this small charger to our Best Wireless Chargers guide soon. It doesn't use the same Aira tech as the charger above, but it's so compact that you won't have a hard time finding the right placement. It's attractive and includes a USB-C to USB-C cable. 

Nomad has other wireless chargers on sale we haven't tested, including a stand, a Base Station without the Aira tech but with extra USB ports, and ones with Apple Watch chargers built-in

USB-C to USB-C Kevlar Cables for $20 ($10 off)

Good cables don't get tangled or easily fray, and this Kevlar braided cable checks both of those boxes. It's well worth the price, and mine have held up after nearly two years of regular use. Nomad includes a cable tie to keep things neat, and you can choose between 1.5 meters (around 5 feet) or 3 meters (around 10 feet). The USB-C to Lightning version is $28 ($12 off).

20-Watt Power Adapter for $13 ($6 off)

This tiny charger is about the size of the one that used to come with iPhones, but unlike Apple's charger, it can provide the extra juice necessary to fast-charge your iPhone. The 20-watt charger can power up your iPad or iPad Pro too, though it's not strong enough to power a laptop.  

Other AccessoriesTraditional Passport Wallet With Tile Tracker for $70 ($30 off)

I've been using this wallet for more than a year, and it reaffirmed my love for passport wallets. Seriously, everyone should carry a passport wallet. It easily fits my Covid-19 vaccination card, a little notepad, plus I have about eight cards squished in the five slots. There's space for cash too. A hidden compartment for the Tile tracker is included. Just pair it with the Tile app to help you find your wallet if you misplace it. 

Modern Apple Watch Strap for $49 ($21 off)

Leather straps are my go-to for most of my watches. Leather just has such a classic look, and it works well for modern timepieces like the Apple Watch. This strap supports any Apple Watch Series 1 or newer and includes 44-, 42-, 40-, and 38-mm options. 

Nomad also sells a slimmer leather strap, sports straps, and metal bands

Leather Mousepad for $42 ($18 off)

I've had this mousepad on my desk for several months, and its aged-leather look certainly gives it a bit more charm. There are a few colors to choose from, and it comes in a 13- or 16-inch size. I tested the smaller one, which is plenty large for most people. 

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